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Deadly tornadoes, flooding claim 6 lives, destroy 100 homes

Posted by feww on April 26, 2011

State of emergency has been declared in Arkansas as deadly tornadoes, flooding claim 6 lives, destroy 100 homes

A deadly tornado touched sown in Vilonia, Arkansas (population3,200), north of Little Rock, killing at least one person, destroying up to 100 homes and leaving a half-mile wide path of destruction.

Elsewhere in the state up to five other people have reportedly been killed from drowning or flood related incidents.

About a dozen vehicles were blown off the road on Interstate 40, Arkansas State Police said.

Another tornado reportedly struck Little Rock Air Force Base, destroying/damaging at least four homes on the base, reports said.

A total of 389 reports including 38 tornadoes were received at SPC for Monday, as of posting.


County officials evacuated more than thousands of people in the city of Poplar Bluff and the town of Qulin, as water topped the Black River levee at multiple points.

At least 1,000 people have been evacuated in the states of Indiana, Kentucky and elsewhere in Missouri, as local rivers  crested above the flood stage.

Continued rain threatens to worsen the flooding in the region throughout the week.

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One Response to “Deadly tornadoes, flooding claim 6 lives, destroy 100 homes”

  1. ajd said

    [Where are you from? Don’t Saudi Arabians “study islam” and stay away from “worshiping lucifer” and repent half dozen times before “allahsubhanawatala” every day? How WILL you interpret the mega disasters that are about to strike them? Moderator]

    [PS. You want to please your “allahsubhanawatala?” Then stop waffling and start taking action to protect the environment. Moderator]

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