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Tornado Record for April Smashed

Posted by feww on April 27, 2011

295 Confirmed April Tornadoes So Far

April 2011 Tornadoes Smash Record 267 Tornadoes Set in 1974

With 3.5 more days to go, some 295 confirmed tornadoes have wreaked havoc in the United States this month, causing death and destruction in dozens of states.

The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has received a total of 6,559 reports (LT average ~ 3,300) of sever weather reports this month, as of Tuesday April 26. 2011 @ 20:18CT

  • Tornadoes: 654
  • Hail: 2,725
  • High/Damaging Winds:  3,180
  • TOTAL: 6,559

In one of the latest incidents, a tornado touched down about 75 miles east of Dallas near the E. Texas town of Edom, destroying/damaging at least 100 homes.

“We have major destruction,” said Chuck Allen, Van Zandt County emergency management spokesman. “We have multiple houses damaged or destroyed … easily 100-plus.”

As the storm moved on toward Central Texas, it spawned about 20 tornadoes, reports said.

April also saw the first EF4  tornado for the year, which leveled the St. Louis suburb of Bridgeton. [Also the first EF4 tornado in metro area since Jan. 24, 1967. ]

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