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Mile-wide Mega Tornado Devastates Alabama

Posted by feww on April 28, 2011

James Anglin, Hackleburg AL City Council member:

“Our town is just devastated”

Tornadoes Destroy Alabama Towns killing 25, Storms Kill 37 People in the South

Storm system is forecast to move into Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky later tonight and into the Carolinas by early Thursday.

Tuscaloosa Mega Tornado

“The city experienced widespread damage from a tornado that cut a path of destruction deep into the heart of the city,” Mayor Walter Maddox said.

Hazard Warnings

  • More than 125 tornadoes have been reported so far today in five states: Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • Large sections of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama have been obliterated.
  • At least 25 people are confirmed dead in Alabama.
  • Storms have left 37 people dead in the South; hundreds of others have been injured.
  • Storms are expected to dump up to 7 inches of rain from Arkansas to Ohio.
  • The Black, Mississippi and Ohio rivers are flooding.
  • Widespread, severe flooding reported in Missouri, Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

Wednesday reports.

Tuesday reports. Click image to enlarge.

Storm Death Toll [as of posting]

  • Alabama: 25
  •  Mississippi: 8
  • Georgia: 2
  • Arkansas: 1
  • Tennessee: 1

Click image to enter NWS Weather Hazards portal.

Click images to enlarge.

GOES Eastern US SECTOR Infrared Image

Click HERE to update.

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