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U.S. Tornado Update – April 29

Posted by feww on April 29, 2011

Deadliest Ever Tornadoes?

Confirmed Death Toll 302; Unconfirmed 318

The Late April Tornado Attack:  The worst U.S. natural disaster since Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina claimed an estimated 1,800 lives in 2005; current unconfirmed reports put this week’s toll from tornadoes and storms at at least 318.

Wednesday also turned out to be the deadliest day of tornadoes in the U.S. since April 3, 1974 when 310 people perished.

Confirmed Death Toll by State

Alabama: 198
Tennessee: 35
Mississippi: 32
Georgia: 16 (Ringgold has 7 tornado deaths: Bradley County 9)
Arkansas: 11
Virginia 8
Louisiana: 2
Total: 302
(as of posting)

Up to 2 thousand others have been injured in storm-related incidents.

The Dark Wednesday

The Dark Wednesday: SPC received 180 tornado reports and a 584 other severe weather reports.

Thursday reports, as of posting. Click image to enlarge.

The tornadoes and violent storms that ripped through 7 states left  “major, major” trails of destruction in their pathes.

Entire civic infrastructures were wiped out as tornadoes and storms leveled entire neighborhoods in various parts of the South, obliterating homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, churches…

There are no official reports of the dimension of destruction as yet; however, FIRE-EARTH estimates that up to 6 thousands structures may have been razed/damaged, with an estimated loss of about 10 billion dollars.

Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia have declared states of emergency.

Forecast: Large-scale Lightning Outbreaks

Unfortunately, the worst may NOT be over yet.  In addition to more tornadoes and violent storms this year and the next, FIRE-EARTH forecasts phenomenally large-scale outbreaks of potentially deadly lightning clusters throughout the United States.

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