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NY Gov Declares State of Emergency

Posted by feww on April 30, 2011

Flood Damage ‘breathtakingly bad’

NY Gov. Cuomo has declared a State Disaster Emergency in Essex County

States of emergency have also been declared for Clinton County, Tupper, Champlain and  portions of City of Plattsburgh following severe flooding, power outages and damage caused by storms

At least two bridges have reportedly collapsed and many homes flooded in Moriah.

Anna Mayhood of Moriah leaped to safety from her car, shown here, after the Broad Street Bridge in Moriah collapsed beneath it Wednesday morning. Torrential rains flooded the stream under the bridge and undermined it. Press Republican Staff Photo / Lohr McKinstry. Image may be subject to copyright.

“It was breathtakingly bad,” Cuomo said about his tour of flooded areas. “I’d seen photos, but it’s much worse when you see it in person.”

“That woman was going over the bridge. Thank God that turned out as well as it did. If I saw her, I would say to her, ‘You are lucky; light a candle.'”

U.S. Flood Map

309 Locations in flood during 48 hour forecast period

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