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Floods near Memphis force evacuations

Posted by feww on May 7, 2011

Epic flooding caused by huge  amounts of rain and snow melt has submerged large areas from Canada and northern US all the way to the Gulf of Mexico

The Dakotas, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas and Tennessee, and soon Mississippi and Louisiana, are inundated with record  floods.

Flooding at Naval Support Activity in Mid-South in Millington, Tennessee, May 2, 2011. Source: US Govt.

“The flood is rolling down, it is breaking records as it moves down and it is one of those wait-and-see type of things as to how massive it is going to be when it’s all said and done,” said Charles Camillo, historian for the Mississippi River Commission.

Mississippi River at Major Flood Stage and Rising

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Download largest  image (7 MB, JPEG) acquired May 6, 2011

Mississippi River is in major flood stage and continues rising. The water level reached 46.68 feet (14.23 meters) at Osceola, Arkansas, and 46.14 feet (14.06 meters) at Memphis, Tennessee on May 6, 2011,  AHPS said. The two images were taken by MODIS on NASA’s Aqua satellite on May 6, 2011 (TOP), and May 6, 2010 (BOTTOM).   Download largest image (9 MB, JPEG). Source: NASA-EO

Significant River Flood Outlook

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Continued flooding, high danger of wildfires expected this weekend

US River Flood Maps

Near Flood Stage.

Examples of current and expected flood conditions (Source: NWS/CRH)

  • Souris River at Foxholm, N.D. – stage is 15.06 feet, holding steady since May 3, forecast to stay at 15 feet through May 9
  • James River at Kensal, N.D. – crested at 13.67 feet May 3 (Major Flood); record stage is 14.7 feet set April 28, 2009
  • James River in South Dakota – crested at 20.05 feet May 3; record crest is 20.1 feet set March 29, 2010; crested at Major Stage at Columbia, Stratford, Ashton, Redfield, Huron, Forestburg, Mitchell, Scotland and Yankton
  • Ohio River at Paducah, KY — record stage is 60.6 feet, major flood stage is 52 feet; forecast is for the Ohio to crest at 55.5 feet Saturday May 7
  • Ohio River at Cairo, IL – the Ohio crested at a record 61.72 feet May 2 and dropped immediately after the levee was breached to reduce flooding in Cairo, Ill.; forecast to drop below record stage tonight and continue a slow fall to normal levels
  • St. Francis River at Fisk, MO – record stage is 28 feet, the river crested at 27.1 feet Tuesday afternoon May 3; forecast is to drop below Major stage (26′) today, drop below moderate stage (22′) May 8 and drop below flood stage (18′) May 10
  • Mississippi River at New Madrid – record stage was 48 feet, measured at 48.35 feet at 9 a.m. CDT today and is still climbing; forecast to crest Saturday at 50 feet then begin a slow fall
  • Mississippi River at Caruthersville, MO (bootheel) – river passed old record of 46 feet early morning of Wednesday, May 4, measured at 47.56 feet at 8 a.m. CDT today; forecast to crest at 49.5 feet Sunday May 8
  • Mississippi River at Tiptonville, TN – old record stage was 47.8 feet. Reading topped old record late morning of Wednesday May 4, measured at 48.35 feet at 8 a.m. CDT today; forecast to crest at 51.7 feet morning of Sunday May 8
  • Mississippi River at Memphis – major flood stage is 46 feet, measured at 45.92 feet at 8 a.m. CDT today; forecast to crest at 47.6 feet morning of May 9 at second-highest level ever. Record stage is 48.7 feet set Feb. 10, 1937; second-highest stage is 45.8 feet set April 23, 1927

On March 1, 2011, FIRE-EARTH forecast

U-S Attacked by Continued Severe Weather

Brace for the Worst Ever!  Climatic  Extremes, Primeval Geophysical Activities and WILD Weather to Wreak Mega Havoc in 2011/2012 and Beyond…

NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO POWER DOWN AND START THINKING HARD.  Encourage your folks, friends and neighbors to join in!! BECAUSE  for most of us the game would be OVER soon.

Flooding and fires, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, deadly tornadoes and strong storms … are just some of the items you’ve ordered from the climate change quick menu!

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