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Mississippi River Flooding: Disaster in Slow Motion

Posted by feww on May 8, 2011

Tsunami of Floods Inching Toward GoM

Thousands in Six States Evacuating Mississippi River Flooding

Flooding in some areas has topped 80-year records AND rising

Thousands of people along the Mississippi River are evacuating their homes in at least six states as record floods inundate many areas.

US Rivers  Flood Map

Major Flooding

Moderate Flooding

Minor Flooding

River Gauges  at Near Flood Stage

Hazards Warning Map

Click image to enter NWS portal.


Flooded Mississippi “wrapping arms” around Memphis

Flood waters inundate parking lot near Memphis, Tennessee. Frame grab from Reuters news clip. See link below.

“It’s a pretty day here, and people get a false sense of security,” the public affairs officer for the Shelby County Office of Preparedness was reported as saying. “The mighty Mississippi is starting to wrap its arms around us here in Memphis.”

From 2011 Disaster Calendar – May

  • Day 493 [May 8, 2011]

    • Quebec, Canada. The worst flooding in Quebec in 150 years has destroyed or damaged at least 3,000 homes, leaving about 2,800 people homeless.
      • “People are getting around in canoes, rowboats and watercraft, with the water so high it has left some houses half-submerged.”
      • Lake Champlain has risen to a record 103.26 feet above sea level, the U.S. National Weather Service reported.  Flood stage is 100 feet!
    • Arkansas, USA.  Severe flooding in parts of Arkansas will have a “serious and long-term economic impact” on the state, Gov Beebe has said.
      •  “There’s going to be an agricultural impact … problem with aid or assistance on agricultural losses is that traditionally the … Department of Agriculture is a couple of years behind, time-wise, on those kinds of assessments, so you’ve got a tough period to go through for those farmers,” he said.
      • “Economically on agriculture it’s going to be very difficult, and devastating for some.”
    • Vermont, USA.  Hundreds of homes have been destroyed or damaged as a result of lake Lake Champlain flooding, a report said.
    • USA. Thousands of people living along the Mississippi River have evacuated their homes in at least six states as the rising river continues to top all  previous levels.

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