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European chemicals threaten watchdog

Posted by feww on May 11, 2011

Chemical companies threaten EU watchdog with legal action if harmful products publicized: Report

In a letter from chemical industry group CEFIC to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki,  “released after Reuters invoked freedom-of-information laws,” the chemical group said:

Going beyond its remits exposes unnecessarily the ECHA Management Board and its individual members to tremendous and unprecedented liability risks.

ECHA is responsible for “evaluating and restricting ” at least 30,000 unregulated substances, many of which pose a potential threat to human health, and maintaining  a data base for chemical substances and details of their toxicity, the report said.

ClientEarth lawyers and chemicals campaigners ChemSec earlier said they had started legal proceedings against ECHA for refusing to divulge “the names of facilities producing 356 potentially dangerous chemicals.”

“The public knows too little about them, because chemicals companies use the shield of commercial interests,” said ClientEarth lawyer Vito Buonsante.


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