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Shallow Quake Strikes Western Turkey

Posted by feww on May 20, 2011

M5.9 earthquake shook western Turkey, killing 2, injuring 30 and damaging buildings

The quake  was centered in the town of Simav (39.14°N, 29.16°E) and struck at a depth of about 6 km at 20:15UTC on May 19,2011.

One person reportedly died in Simav after jumping out of window in panic, and the second fatality occurred as a result of a heart attack. Several dozen people were injured from broken glass, or jumping off balconies, but there was no report of widespread damage, AP said.

“Most of the town of Simav was without electricity and telephone lines were down, reports said. At least one empty building collapsed in Simav and some other old buildings were also slightly damaged, said the Anatolia news agency.”

A politician who was on the fifth floor of an apartment building in Simav when the quake struck said: “It was so strong that we could not even move in the first few seconds. [Too afraid to return to their homes] people are waiting in their cars now.”

Distances [USGS]

  • 80 km (50 miles) WSW (247°) from Kutahya, Turkey
  • 118 km (73 miles) ESE (117°) from Balikesir, Turkey
  • 118 km (74 miles) S (180°) from Bursa, Turkey
  • 334 km (208 miles) WSW (256°) from ANKARA, Turkey


Data collected by underwater geodetic equipment placed on the seabed off the coast of Japan indicate that the March 11 Mega Quake moved the ocean floor laterally by about 20m (65ft), and caused also an upwards movement of 3m (10ft), a report said.

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3 Responses to “Shallow Quake Strikes Western Turkey”

  1. Porcelain said

    When the China earthquakes hit there were curious cloud formations just before the event.

    Now the same has been scientifically observed over Japan hours before their quake hit

    • feww said

      IF TRUE, THEN it should be quite straightforward to predict nearly ALL major earthquakes a few days in advance, using atmospheric monitoring stations.

      Seeing [radon-related earthquake forecasts] would be believing!

  2. Peter T said

    [The irony went unnoticed. Moderator]

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