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Mississippi River Flooding – Recent Images

Posted by feww on May 21, 2011

Mississippi River ‘Unsafe’ to Navigate

U.S. Coast Guard shut down a 5-mile stretch of the river (from mile marker 232 to 237) after at least five vessels got out of control with three of the barges carrying corn (and wheat) sinking and the other two, carrying sulfuric acid and other chemicals, taking on water.

Earlier in the week, the area was closed for hours after 25 barges under tow broke loose, and five hit US 190, the old Mississippi River Bridge, reports said.

Mississippi River: Current High Water Flows [May 20, 2011 @ 07:00 CDT]

Source: Army Corps of Engineers. Click image to enlarge.

Morganza Floodway Day 5 of Flow

Floodwater spread  about 20 miles (32km) across the Louisiana five days after the Army Engineers opened 17 floodgates  on Morganza Spillway. About 114,000 cubic feet per second (3,200 m³s-1) per second was flowing out of the Mississippi River through the floodway on May 18 when
ASTER on NASA’s Terra satellite took this false-color image. Source: NASA-EO. Click image to enlarge.   Download largest  image (4 MB, JPEG) 

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