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Large Magma Lake Lurking Beneath Iceland

Posted by feww on May 23, 2011


Icelandic Volcano Activity Could Increase Exponentially and Dramatically in the Next 5 Years

FIRE-EARTH analysis indicate that a massive lake of magma may be boiling under Iceland, which could rise to the surface anytime. Large volumes of lava could cover Iceland, making life on the volcanic island impossible. European countries MUST help to evacuate Icelanders without delay.

Grímsvötn began erupting just after 17:30 on Saturday May 21st, with the plume reaching a height of more than 20 km above the Vatnajokull glacier. During the morning of May 22, the plume reached an  altitude of 10km, rising occasionally to 15 km, Iceland Met Office (IMO) reported.

Most Violent Eruption

The Grímsvötn latest eruption was the volcano’s most violent  since 1873, according to a University of Iceland Geophysics Professor.

The eruption turned the day into night as an inch thick cloud of ash fell on the area, covering buildings, roads and cars, and reducing the visibility to less than a meter (3 feet) eyewitnesses said.

Grímsvötn volcano MODIS satellite image acquired at about 05:00UTC on May 22, 2011  shows the plume casting shadow to the west. Source: IMO

Lightning Activity

Intense lightning activity was reported follows the eruption.  “Never before have as many lightning been observed in a volcanic eruption in Iceland.” IMO reported.

Grímsvötn volcano lightning activity. Click image to enlarge.

The hourly lightning count peaked at 2,198 strokes between 00:00 and 01:00 on 22 May 2011. Whereas, the highest hourly count during the Eyjafjallajökull eruption was only 22 which occurred between 08:00 and 09:00 on 16 May 2010.

Ash Cloud

The eruption has forced the closure of Iceland’s main airport. Ash from Grímsvötn volcano could reach northern Scotland by Tuesday May 24 and  Britain, France and Spain by the weekend if the eruption continues at the same rate, UK Met Office said.

Volcanic Ash Advisory. Source Met UK.

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