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Joplin Tornado – Update May 26

Posted by feww on May 26, 2011

Death Toll from Mega Tornado that Devastated Joplin climbs to 125, with 1,000  Injured

Death toll from the EF5 tornado that leveled large sections of Joplin, Missouri has climbed to at least 125, with up to 1,000 others injured.

The authorities say the earlier number of the missing said to be 1,500 was inaccurate; however, they refuse to reveal the actual figure.

Four of a total 81 tornado reports received on Wednesday came from California.

Tornado Attacks on Tuesday

More tornadoes swept the Midwest on Tuesday night, killing at least 15 people: 9 in Oklahoma, 4 in Arkansas and 2 in Kansas.

Seven tornadoes struck Oklahoma overnight, the National Weather Service reported. “The deadliest of those, which killed seven persons, left a 75-mile path of destruction and lasted two hours.” Said a report.

Photo courtesy of Trenton Workman via redding dot com. A tornado touches down in Butte County Wednesday afternoon. 

2011 Severe Weather Stats – Jan 01,2011 to May 25, 2011

  • Tornado reports:  1,228
  • Hail reports:  4,215
  • Wind reports: 5,898
  • TOTAL: 11,350
  • Source: SPC

Storm Related Fatalities

  • 2011 toll: > 510 deaths [expected to rise]
  • Annual 10-year average: 22 deaths

Tornado Reports (Since May 21)

May 21 Severe Weather Reports. Click images to enlarge.

May 22

May 23

May 24

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