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Severe Weather Update – May 27

Posted by feww on May 27, 2011

Friday: Severe thunderstorms forecast across most of the country

Severe Weather Threat Moving to New England, Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast: NWS

GOES Eastern US SECTOR Infrared Image.
Click to enlarge.

US Weather Hazards Map

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Weather Forecast Map

Wednesday storms spawned softball-sized hail in Georgia and damaging winds  in upstate York, but no fatalities were reported, as of posting.

SPC received a total of 1,017 severe weather reports across 14 states  on Wednesday (preliminary data) including 96 tornado reports.  On Thursday there were 414 reports, including 5 tornadoes.

Severe weather reports for May 25 received at SPC, update May 27.

May 26 reports. Click image to enlarge.

Joplin Tornado

Death toll from Joplin Tornado stands at 125, with about 1,000 injured. The number of missing since the tornado struck 5 days ago is shrouded in secrecy. The figure previously released by the authorities, and subsequently retracted, was 1,500. The actual figure for those unaccounted for may be closer to 1,000.

UPDATE posted at 06:00UTC May 27, 2011
Death toll from Joplin tornado has risen to 126, as another body was found in the debris, and the number of missing was put at 232, officials said.  “We will keep a relentless focus on the search, rescue and identification of those 232 people, and we will not rest until everyone has been accounted for, and that number is zero,” Governor Jay Nixon said.

Tornado Attacks on Tuesday

Death toll from tornadoes swept the Midwest on Tuesday night, has climbed to at least 16 people: 10 fatalities in Oklahoma, 4 in Arkansas and 2 in Kansas.

UPDATE posted at 06:00UTC May 27, 2011
Death toll has risen to 17, reports said.

Flood Update

Major flooding is underway along Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, as well as in North Dakota. Flood warnings, advisories and watched have been issued for at least 25 states.

Significant River Flood Outlook

Click Map to enlarge. Click HERE to enter HPC portal.

Storm Related Fatalities

  • 2011 toll: > 510 deaths [expected to rise]
  • Annual 10-year average: 22 deaths

Thunderstorms disrupt Flights in Europe 

Meanwhile in England, strong winds and thunderstorms forced the cancellation of dozen of flights in and out of London’s Heathrow Airport, a report said.

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