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Arizona’s Wallow Fire Grew by 61 pct

Posted by feww on June 7, 2011

Arizona’s Wallow Fire May Become the State’s 2nd Largest Today

The mega blaze in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest (eastern Arizona) has grown from just under 144,000 acres to about  233,000 acres, a rise of more than 61 percent in less than 24 hours, forcing thousands of people from their homes and casting a thick smoky haze over a large region as far away as Iowa.

Arizona Gov. (Jan Brewer) declared a state of emergency retroactive to May 29 in Apache and Greenlee Counties in response to the out-of-control Wallow Fire, which had  grown to 233,522 acres in size as of Monday afternoon June 6, 2011.

FIRE-EARTH estimates that under the current conditions the mega blaze could grow by about 40 percent to 326,000 acres today.

Fires and Smoke Satellite Analysis: North America

Source: NOAA. Click images to enlarge.

Click image to enlarge closeup view.

HMS Fire and Smoke Analysis released June 7, 2011. Click images to enlarge. Source: NESDIS

Wallow Fire.
Photo by Tam Altaha/@TamAltaha

Map of Wallow Fire. Click image to enlarge. [Full Size]

Other Details

  • NO serious injuries reported, as of posting.
  • Up to a dozen structure, mostly cabins, have been destroyed.
  • Evacuations have been ordered in mountain town of Greer.
  • The towns of Blue and Luna in New Mexico are being  evacuated(?)
  • At least 2,515 firefighters are deployed (the number of personnel has doubled since 4 days ago).
  • About 3,000 residents of the towns of Alpine and Nutrioso have been evacuated.
  • The fire has forced the closure of the Apache National Forest.
  • Other towns and communities near the New Mexico border which have been evacuated include Bonita, Dog Patch, Escudilla Bonita, White Mountain Acres, H Bar Ranch and Bar Flying Ranch.
  • The Wallow Fire, currently Arizona’s third largest wildfire, started on May 29. It has grown rapidly since and could become the state’s 2nd largest by this afternoon.
  • The largest fire in Arizona history  was the 2001 Rodeo-Chediski Fire which consumed 469,000 acres.
  • The 2nd largest blaze, the 2005  Cave Creek fire near Phoenix, burned 248,000 acres.

Other Major Wildfires in Arizona

  • The Horseshoe Two fire. The blaze started May 8 and has burned at least 100,000 acres, currently 55 percent contained at a cost of about $30 million.
  •  Murphy fire. The blaze has burned about 37,566 acres near Tubac, and is less than 15 percent contained.
  • Arlene fire. The large fire in Coronado National Forest has burned 10,610 acres.

Wallow Fire Satellite Images (NASA/MODIS)

 June 6, 2011

June 5, 2011

The Wallow Fire (lower left corner of the image) – Natural color/MODIS/ NASA/Terra/ June 5, 2011. “Smoke from an Arizona wildfire spanned multiple states in early June 2011. … the Wallow Fire pushed air quality to unhealthy levels as far east as Alabama and Georgia. Closer to the source of the fire, thick smoke traveled across Colorado and into Nebraska.” Source: NASA-EO 

United States Wildfire MAP

GEOMAC Wildfire Viewer

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