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Tornado hits Churchill Downs, Kentucky

Posted by feww on June 23, 2011

Images of the Day

Supercell storm produces  tornado at Churchill Downs, Kentucky

Radar data from the NWS Doppler Radar during the evening of June 22, 2011. The top two images are “reflectivity” showing the supercell storm which produced a tornado at Churchill Downs race track. The tornado is located in the “hook” area on the southwest side of the supercell. The bottom two images are “storm-relative velocity” images. Source: NWS. Click image to enlarge.

This animation shows Doppler radar storm-relative velocity data. A different supercell storm produced a cyclonic  circulation highlighted in the black circle (red-green couplet). This circulation was responsible for producing an EF-1 tornado in the Jeffersonville, KY area. Source: NWS. Click image to enlarge and animate.


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