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Dangerous heat, exceptional drought, severe storms, major flooding

Posted by feww on July 12, 2011

U.S. Weather Forecast, July 14 – 25

A 15-state area of the southern Plains have been experiencing “dangerously oppressive heat,” which has continued from the weekend and could last through the week.

U.S. Weather Hazards Assessment Map. Source: NWS. Click image to enlarge.

National Weather Summary

  • Dangerously oppressive heat today through Wednesday throughout the southern Plains, the Gulf Coast states and the southern Atlantic Coast
  • Exceptional to sever drought across the South
  • Flooding continues along the Missouri River

Killer Heat!

Dangerously oppressive heat is forecast to linger on through the forecast period in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Many of the locations could continue experiencing record-setting temperatures, forecasters said.

[NOTE: An earlier list for the heat advisory included 23 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.]

The U.S. Weather Hazards Map.  Source: NWS. Click image to enlarge.

Weekend highs included:

  • Kansas
    • 113 degrees (45ºC) in Ashland
    • 108 in Pratt
    • 112 degrees in Anthony
    • 111 degrees in Wichita, Kansas*
  • Oklahoma
    • 111 degrees in Altus Dam, Freedom and Guthrie
    • 110 degrees in Billings
    • 109 in Enid and Seminole
  • Texas
    • 111 degrees at Lake Kemp
    • 104 degrees in Dimmitt and Tulia

[*NOTE: In Wichita, Kansas, temperatures of 111 degrees have occurred only 10 times since July 1888, NWS said.]

Severe Weather

An area at Moderate Risk for severe weather development today extends from the southern half of Lake Michigan to the Ohio Valley. The area includes southeastern Wisconsin, northeastern Illinois, southwestern Lower Michigan, the northern two-thirds of Indiana, the western half of Ohio and extreme north-central Kentucky, NWS said.

On Sunday SPC received 320 reports of severe weather: 280 reports of high winds, 28 reports of large hail and 12 tornado reports. There were seven tornado reports from North Dakota, three from Colorado and two from Minnesota.


As of this morning, 17 gauges were at Major Flooding levels, 29 were at Moderate Flood and 45 were at Minor Flood. Another 95 sites were Near Flood.

Flood Map for the U.S.

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