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Maize Madness

Posted by feww on July 13, 2011

More Maize for Fuel than Food

US ethanol refiners use more maize than livestock and poultry farmers

The ethanol refiners in the U.S. are consuming more maize than livestock and poultry farmers, a report said.

USDA says in the year to August 31 ethanol producers will have consumed 5.05bn bushels of corn, just over 40 per cent of 2010’s harvest, against 5bn bushels used for animal feed and residual consumption.

The Death of Homo Sapiens Sapiens (Part 1): “Our slaveholder, the car, is taking the food right out of our mouths. The late Ivan Illich, a renowned sociologist, reported in the 1970s that when the miles Americans drive are divided by the time spent in the car (sitting on congested roadways, driving, parking, and servicing) and paying for it, they average 5 mph-about twice slower than riding a bike. Today, the cars are getting fatter and running even slower.”

Other Amazing Maize Stats

  • Ethanol production has pushed up the corn prices by 90 per cent compared with a year earlier.
  • US ethanol production could reach a record high of 13.7bn gallons in 2011
  • Both Brazil and China are importing US corn; China to import 2MMT tons this year.
  • USDA predicts global farm consumption could reach a record of about 878MMT.
  • Corn futures topped $7 per bushel.
  • Ethanol futures are currently traded 30 cents per gallon cheaper than gasoline futures.


1. A bushel of shelled maize (corn) weighs 56 pounds (25.40 kg).
2. MMT = Million Metric Tons.

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