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US Weather: SW, SE Continue to Boil

Posted by feww on July 15, 2011

Dangerously hot and humid conditions, flooding and severe weather

Unrelenting heat to continue unabated in the SW and south-central Plains and parts of the Southeast: NWS

Excessive heat is forecast to return “with a vengeance through much of next week.” The NWS hazards assessment map indicates excessive heat would return to two regions, covering parts of at least 24 states. Click image to enlarge.

Triple digit temperatures with heat index of about 120 degrees (49ºC) forecast across the South Thursday, with “no end in sight for the blazing temperatures.”

“Excessive Heat Watches and Warnings and Heat Advisories are in effect over a dozen states and high temperatures are expected to spread again across more of the South.” Forecasters said.

Excessive heat is forecast to return “with a vengeance through much of next week” to two regions covering at least 24 states. See above map.

Thursday’s weather hazards include:

  • Dangerously hot and humid conditions across the Southeast
  • Flooding continues and worsens in some parts of the northern and central Plains
  • Severe weather will be a threat in the north-central Plains and the Upper Midwest

High temperatures for today in parts of the country hoping for relief include:

  • Texas: Dallas 101, San Antonio 99, Waco 104, Wichita Falls 106
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoma City 101, Tulsa 100, Woodward 101
  • Kansas: Dodge City 100, Garden City 100, Goodland 94, Hill City 99, Topeka 94, Wichita 99
  • Missouri: Kansas City 91
  • Arkansas: Fort Smith 99, Pine Bluff 94
  • Louisiana: Shreveport 100
  • Mississippi: Tupelo 96

Daily high temperatures through Monday would be in triple digits (NWS forecast), including:

  • 105 degrees or more in Wichita Falls, 102 or higher in Waco
  • 100-102 in Wichita, 100-105 in Dodge City, 102 and higher in Hill City

U.S. Weather Hazards Map. Click image to enter interactive portal.

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