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Typhoon MA-ON Making Her MI-ND Up

Posted by feww on July 16, 2011

MA-ON Still a Cat 4A Storm

Some models suggest MA-ON may avoid making Japan landfall.

Compared with the damage caused as a result of a direct hit, the typhoon could inflict more harm by moving close along Japan’s coastline.

Typhoon MA-ON with model forecasts tracks superimposed – VIS/IR satellite image [8-km res.] Source: CIMSS. Click image to enlarge.

Typhoon MA-ON Summary of Details (as of posting)

  • Location: ~ 1,470km South of Osaka, Japan
  • Position: ~ 21.8N 137.4E
  • Movement and speed: moving west (275 degrees,) at a forward speed of about 15 km/hr
  • Maximum sustained winds: 220 km/hr [SATCON]
  • Wind gusts: up to 270 km/hr
  • Estimated time of [first] landfall: July 19 @ 20:00UTC [See daily updates]
  • Remarks: MA-ON will likely become a super typhoon as it heads NW moving over warmer waters. The typhoon could make a second landfall on the Honshu Island before it exits land, returning to the Pacific Ocean. (FIRE-EARTH forecast based on data from various sources.)  [See daily updates]

Typhoon MA-ON – MTSAT2 [July 16 @ 10:00UTC] – Source: Digital Typhoon. Click image to enlarge.

MA-ON Animation

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