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Drought Intensifies in Southern U.S.

Posted by feww on September 1, 2011

Drought is also intensifying in the southeast, especially Georgia, eastern Alabama: Report

The drought could extend into next year and beyond, the U.S. Drought Monitor reported.

“In Texas and southern Oklahoma, another week of above-normal temperatures (up to 14°F above normal, with highs eclipsing 110°F) and sunny skies further offset the benefits of early month rainfall.   Consequently, drought intensified over many of the remaining D2 and D3 areas (Severe to Extreme Drought), with the vast majority of Texas and Oklahoma under Exceptional Drought (D4).  As of August 29, pasture and range condition was rated 98 and 92 percent poor to very poor in Texas and Oklahoma, respectively.  Further illustrating the heat and drought’s devastating impacts, cotton – a crop that generally thrives in hot, dry weather – was rated 60 percent poor to very poor in Texas and an astounding 92 percent poor to very poor in Oklahoma.  180-day rainfall deficits exceeded 14 inches in southwestern Oklahoma and north-central Texas, and were locally in excess of 20 inches near Houston.”


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Disaster Calendar 2011 – September 1

[September 1, 2011]  Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.  SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,658 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History

  • U.S. South. Drought conditions (D0 – D4) now engulf 97.56 percent of the South, up from 93.62 percent a week earlier, the US Drought Monitor reported.
  • U.S. Southeast. Extreme drought level (D3) in the Southeast now covers 22.8 percent of the region, compared with 12.94 percent last week.
  • Texas, USA. Extreme and exceptional levels of drought (D3 and D4) in Texas have climbed to 95.04 percent of the state, up from 94.42 percent last week, the U.S. Drought Monitor reported.
    • Childress, Texas has  recorded 94 days of triple digit temperatures (50 consecutive days, ending on August 10) so far this year.
    • The summer of 2011 was the hottest on record across the Southern Plains region by a significant margin (up to 3.4ºF), NWS reported.
    • Temperatures climbed above 90 degrees EVERY DAY during meteorological summer (June 1-August 31) at both Lubbock and Childress monitoring sites, the first time ever on record.

  • Oklahoma, USA. Extreme and exceptional levels of drought now cover 85.37 percent of the state.
  • Louisiana, USA. Extreme and exceptional drought plague 59.50 percent of the state, an increase of about 4 percent since last week.
  • Kansas, USA. D3 and D4 drought conditions engulf about 32 percent of state of Kansas.

Other Disasters

  • Vermont, USA. The White House today declared a major disaster exists in the State of Vermont due to the severe impact of Tropical Storm Irene beginning on August 29, 2011, and continuing.
  • Oklahoma, USA. A wildfire in a wooded area of Oklahoma city has consumed at least 25 homes.
  • Texas, USA. A Texas wildfire near Possum Kingdom Lake, about 75 miles west of Fort Worth, has consumed at least 6,500 acres, destroying 40 homes, a report said.

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