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Mass slaughter of pigs amid swine fever outbreak in Russia

Posted by feww on January 13, 2012

African Swine Fever outbreak forces Russian farm to cull 30,736 pigs 

Russian authorities ordered the culling of all the pigs at the Plemzavod Industrialny pig farm in the Krasnodar region.

Disaster Calendar 2012 – January 13

[January 13, 2012]  Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016.  SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,524 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History

  • Russia. The authorities ordered the culling of all the pigs at the Plemzavod Industrialny in the Krasnodar region following an outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF).
    • The pig farm culled all of its 30,736 hogs, having initially been ordered to kill half of its stock.
    • Further cases have now been reported in other regions.
    • Samples taken from pigs in the Stavropol region, and from wild boars in the Astrakhan region have tested positive for ASF.
    • There have been several outbreaks of ASF in more than a quarter of Russia’s 83 regions since 2007, reports said.
    • ASF spreads extremely rapidly because it’s highly contagious and has a complex epidemiology.
    • The virus can survive in a protein environment, especially in meat and meat products, for long periods.
    • The disease mortality rate is almost 100 percent.
    • ASF has no vaccine as of now.

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