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Deadly Tornadoes Attack U.S. Midwest

Posted by feww on April 15, 2012

Dozens of tornadoes tore through the U.S. midsection as Kansas declared disaster emergency

More than 120 tornadoes pummel Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Indiana leaving at least 5 people dead in Woodward, NW Oklahoma, and forcing Kansas governor to declare a disaster emergency.

  • Iowa.  About 75 percent of the small town of Thurman (Fremont County) has been destroyed. The town has been evacuated with an emergency shelter in a nearby town. No power in the town, SPC reported.
  • OklahomaNumerous reports of major structural damage on western and northern part of Woodward; at least 5 killed and many injured.
  • Kansas.  A tornado has caused widespread damage and power outages in Wichita, Kansas, but there were bno reports of deaths or injuries as of posting.
  • Tornadoes have damaged or destroyed many homes, businesses, a jail, a hospital and an Air Force base aaround the region, reports said.
  • Nebraska.  Baseball-sized hail tore siding from houses and shattered windows in Petersburg, about 130 miles NW of Omaha.
  • Sedgwick County, Kansas, declared a state of disaster and said the storm damage could top $280 million.
  •  Severe weather is expected to continue Sunday “from east Texas and Arkansas and up into the Great Lakes,” said Storm Prediction Center (SPC).

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