Fire Earth

Earth is fighting to stay alive. Mass dieoffs, triggered by anthropogenic assault and fallout of planetary defense systems offsetting the impact, could begin anytime!

Deadly Landslide Caused by ‘Continuous Rain, Geological Conditions and Earthquakes’

Posted by feww on October 6, 2012


[October 6, 2012] Mass die-offs resulting from human impact and the planetary response to the anthropogenic assault could occur by early 2016. 

  • SYMBOLIC COUNTDOWN: 1,257 Days Left to the ‘Worst Day’ in Human History


Global Disasters/ Significant Events

A deadly landslide that claimed at least 19 lives in southwest China’s Yunnan Province was caused by a combination of continuous rain, geological conditions and earthquakes, Chinese geologists have said.

  • “… the area where the landslide occurred received about 297 mm of precipitation from Sept. 1 to Oct. 4, three times the amount received during the same period in previous years…  Rock and soil that was loosened by multiple earthquakes that occurred in early September formed a landslid,” said a report.

Other Disasters/ Significant Events

United States

Nine states have reported cases of meningitis linked to epidural steroid injections, CDC reported. An estimated 17,000 people may have received the injections.  As of October 6, 201 2:00pm ET2:

Total count: 64 cases, 7 dead

  • Florida: 4 cases
  • Indiana: 5 cases
  • Maryland: 3 cases, including 1 death
  • Michigan: 8 cases, including 2 deaths
  • Minnesota: 1 case
  • North Carolina: 2 cases
  • Ohio: 1 case
  • Tennessee: 29 cases, including 3 deaths
  • Virginia: 11 cases, including 1 death


  • San Bernardino. The city of San Bernardino has become the third California city in two weeks to file bankruptcy protection in the face of a $45-million budget shortfall, reports said.
  • Atwater. The small Central California city of Atwater (Pop: ~28,000) has declared A fiscal emergency, which could translate to the state’s fourth municipal bankruptcy this year, said a report.

Global Disasters: Links, Forecasts and Background


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