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BOPHA Strikes Philippines

Posted by feww on December 4, 2012

Typhoon BOPHA struck Baganga, Mindanao

BOPHA [“PABLO”] made landfall in eastern Mindanao, having earlier intensified to a Category 5 Super Typhoon, with winds of more than 250km/hr.

BOPHA – Enhanced IR satellite image captured December 4, 2012 @ 01:30UTC. Source: CIMSS

  • Rainfall amounts of up to 30 mm of rain per hour within the 600 km diameter of the Typhoon is expected, the local weather office (PAGASA) said.
  • Philippines authorities have issued multiple warnings for destructive winds, possible flashfloods and landslides.
  •  Residents in coastal areas have also been warned against storm surges and waves as high as 6m.

BOPHA trajectory -
BOPHA track and projected path –  IR satellite image. Source: CIMSS

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