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Raging Wildfires in Colorado, Arizona Prompt More Evacuations

Posted by feww on June 21, 2013

Arizona Gov. declares a state of emergency for Yavapai County as fast-growing Doce Fire rages uncontrolled

The Doce Fire, burning in Granite Mountain Wilderness about 8 miles northwest of Prescott, is threatening several communities and about 500 homes. The blaze had consumed about 7,500 acres by Thursday afternoon and was 0 percent contained.

Evacuations are in place for the following locations:

Granite Basin Summer Homes and American Ranch

The areas of Granite Basin Homes, Black Jack, Camp Anytown, Sundown Acres, Cielo Grande, Old Stage Acres, south half of Mint Creek Wash and American Ranch remain evacuated. Neighborhoods in the Williamson Valley corridor are on notice for potential evacuation.

(Evacuation center at Yavapai College and for livestock at the Prescott Rodeo Grounds)


Firefighters are working to contain a blaze in central Arizona, not far from the state’s Prescott National Forest. Aircraft could be seen dumping massive buckets of water on the fire which as of Thursday, is not contained. The fire is spread across a 10-square mile area. More than 600 firefighters are working in an attempt to stop the blaze. Hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate their homes. So far, no buildings have been impacted.

Colorado Wildfires – Colorado Office of Emergency Management

a 1,000-acre wildfire in northwestern Colorado near the Utah state line forced the evacuation of 40 oil and gas well sites on Wednesday in Rio Blanco County, said the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

“Hampering firefighting efforts is limited access, rugged terrain, thick smoke and high winds,” the bureau said, adding  that firefighters had observed wind-blown embers igniting new spot fires more than 800 yards away.

Another 1,000-acre blaze near the Spanish Peaks in Huerfano County forced about 200 scouts and staff members to flee their camp, said a report.

Authorities have also issued evacuation orders and pre-evacuation notices for residents south and west of the fire for 30 miles to the New Mexico border, the report said.

Active Colo. Fires:

  • East Peak Fire  Acres: 9,400 – Containment: 0% – Evacuations: ~700
  • Wild Rose Fire  Acres: 850 – Containment: 0%
  • Bull Gulch Fire  Acres: 150 – Containment: 0%
  • Lime Gulch Fire  Acres: 600 – Containment: 0% – Evacuations: ~100
  • Ward Gulch Fire  Acres: 485 – Containment: 95% – Evacuations: ~30
  • Black Forest Fire Acres: 14,280 – Containment: 100%  Evacuations: 4117  people and ~20,000 homes (Estimated total of about 80,000 people-FEWW) – Fatalities: 2 civilian deaths –  Homes destroyed: 509 – Homes damaged: 28
  • Royal Gorge Fire  Acres: 3,216 – Containment: 100%
  • Big Meadow Fire  Acres: 604 – Containment: 95%
  • West Fork Complex Fire Acres: 15,000 – Containment: 0%

Today’s Fire Outlook

The fire situation rating for the Rocky Mountain Area has increased to Preparedness Level 4. The Nation remains at a Preparedness Level 2. This rating indicates highly complex large fire activity is occurring, with multiple large fires in the zone. Fire severity is extreme as reported in multiple areas, and fires are escaping initial attack, as evident by the number of large fires.

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