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Google Continues to Undermine FIRE-EARTH

Posted by feww on July 4, 2013

Google is undermining FIRE-EARTH blog by diverting/diluting traffic and using lots of other tricks

What we wrote today became “property” two days ago?!!

google gag

Here’s another one using search term: “Egypt’s first democratically elected president has been ousted by the military leaders, a year after”

  • We wrote the post today, but they copied it from us two days ago!!!
  • The Result – 66 || FIRE-EARTH only 3

google assisted theft

Here’s yet another example: “Hundreds of Homes Condemned after Flooding in Orange County, N.C.”

Google disgrace page 1


Google disgrace  page 2

20 Responses to “Google Continues to Undermine FIRE-EARTH”

  1. blogger in NY said

    Finally, more questions are being raised about the real identity of INTERCEPT/ First Look Media and their CIA-MI6-Guardian-style double-psychology games.

    Edward Snowden’s slow data dump: Where’s the beef?
    by Cynthia McKinney

    After a big announcement on May 16, 2016, The Intercept made 166 documents available to the public. At this rate, it will take an estimated 600 years to read all of the documents! I would like to ask The Intercept, ‘Where’s the beef?’

    Last updated on May 16, 2016, Pierre Omidyar’s The Intercept released its first data dump of the Snowden NSA files. For a long time, I wondered why the Snowden files weren’t available to us like the WikiLeaks files were. After all, the information could further research on US “asymmetric warfare.” I wanted to search them just as I had done with WikiLeaks. And then, perhaps it was fate that gave me a partial answer: I used Wikileaks documents for my dissertation and was forced to scrub every WikiLeaks reference in order to get my dissertation published and receive my Ph.D.

    You see, in its zeal to crack the whip on whistle blowers revealing the government’s multitudinous dirty dealings and to deter even more acts of conscience from potential whistle blowers, the Obama Administration chose to prosecute and imprison journalist Barrett Brown who had merely republished via hyperlinks some of the same WikiLeaks sources found in my dissertation.

    Thus, my institution foreclosed a similar fate for me and I can write this article from a comfortable room rather than the federal penitentiary—where Barrett Brown currently is located. In one place, I had compiled Operation Condor, COINTELPRO, and WikiLeaks documents pertaining to America’s use of “asymmetric warfare” against inconvenient states and their leaders, as well as US actions against inconvenient civil society leaders.

    Our knowledge of COINTELPRO helps us to understand that what was done at home to organizations like the Black Panther Party is also done abroad. In fact, many US political prisoners today are incarcerated as a result of the illegal actions of the US government against organizations like the American Indian Movement as well as the Black Panther Party. If the US would carry out such actions against its own citizens, why wouldn’t it do such things to foreigners?

    My dissertation captures some of what was done abroad to President Hugo Chavez of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and places these actions in the larger context of US practice of asymmetric warfare against people and states it doesn’t like. Therefore, I relished the new information revealed in WikiLeaks about US attitudes toward Venezuela and Chavez written by American bureaucrats who believed that their words would be cloaked by classification.

    So, when the Snowden leaks became known, I rushed to all sites political to find the treasure trove of US misdeeds—er, asymmetric warfare – that I knew would be buried inside the raw data. But, alas, it was nowhere to be found! I wrote e-mails to everyone I could think of who might have access to the information, but continued to draw a blank. The dribble of stories, sanitized by a suspect press, was not good enough for me. I began to have my doubts about whether I would ever see the data for myself and search it for my research needs. Indeed, articles began to question if we would ever see the Snowden data.

    I hope Edward Snowden comes out of this clean, but I don’t hold out my breath because, as others have mentioned, he hasn’t yet passed the 911 test.

  2. Doug said

    SIM […] and the PSYOP Intercept […] CNN, Guardian, RT, Reuters […]

    • feww said

      1. Very little or NO difference! They all eat from the same trough, and serve the same master, regardless of the currency: dollar, ruble, pound, shekle, yen or yuan.
      Their ultimate goal is to protect and reinforce the system.
      2. It’s not always possible to consider each case objectively in isolation and without a point of reference. You’ll need a benchmark for comparison. We live in the post 9/11 world, a time when the most egregious crimes ever committed against humanity go unpunished because they are being carried out by those who control and manipulate the system.
      3. The media, all of the ones you have mentioned and the rest, must stay mum and toe the mark (check the comments section for censorship by Reuters), otherwise they would lose their lifelines.
      4. Now, the cause and effect: Use the above as a benchmark and you’ll see precisely where the kind of hype would take us. What exactly is it that we are asked to do? To Whom should we address our complaints? How can we prove damages, seek redress, AND stop the powermatrix from continuing to dictate our daily lives?

  3. blogger in NY said

    Is First Look Media’s “the Intercept” another weapon of mass deception?

    About the Intercept

    The Intercept, a publication of First Look Media, was created by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill. It has a two-fold mission: one short-term, the other long-term.

    Our short-term mission is to provide a platform to report on the documents previously provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden….

    Our long-term mission is to produce fearless, adversarial journalism across a wide range of issues. The editorial independence of our journalists will be guaranteed. They will be encouraged to pursue their passions, cultivate a unique voice, and publish stories without regard to whom they might anger or alienate. We believe the prime value of journalism is its power to impose transparency, and thus accountability, on the most powerful governmental and corporate bodies, and our journalists will be provided the full resources and support required to do this…

    I contacted the above named individuals and several others at the Intercept concerning their alleged “editorial independence,” and seriously expected to get a response.

    I asked the journalists for a clarification about the scope of their activity and “parameters of independence.” Needless to say my comments never saw light of the day and the emails were unanswered.

    One of my more strongly-worded comments said:

    Bill Gates is on record as stating: “I’m the establishment.”
    By logical extension, at least the world’s top 500 billionaires must also be parts of the same ultimate club.

    The first look media is paid for by the #52 person on the Forbes billionaires’ list.

    Under what circumstances would the establishment allow one of its members to bankroll what is purported to be a “anti-establishment” organization?

    Readers Beware!

    To those of you who use Tor Browser, be warned organizations like First Look Media can tell who you are!

  4. anti-war activist said

    Speaking of electronic mass surveillance, the spooks watching every word as you type it while connected to Internet and the relationship between state/ commercial media and the spy agencies… this anti-war activist has never been able to post a single comment on the BBC, the Guardian or the Independent in the UK, despite registering repeated times since the 1990s.

  5. feww said

    Meantime, Google continues to filter FIRE-EARTH

  6. Fiona B said

    They have close ties with google.

    • Hal said

      They are part of the global spook network that specializes in framing “intellectuals.”

    • Vickie said

      Reddit has accused RT of spamming and banned them from Reddit’s /r/news section.

      BTW, RT removes my comments within minutes of posting because of my political views. It can’t be my email address or IP, because I have used different ones.
      I also tried to post comments using hidemyass and TOR, but their website is more comprehensively protected than the NSA’s.
      So what exactly is RT.COM ?

    • not a friend of guardian or rt said broke their own record today. The rats removed my comment in under 37 seconds!
      I argued that Guardian UK was NOT a bona fide organization for the protection of free speech, not least because they are based in Britain, a country known for imposing draconian censorship on her non-corporate media and for arresting families of journalists, among other ills…
      How’s that for RT-GOOGLE-GUARDIAN-AFP-NSA-ETC-ETC-… chain of mass deception?

    • John said

      RT does not fit into any “news organization” category, plain and simple.
      It’s a joint “snoop-venture” set up by the pro-Israeli lobbies, both in the US and Russia, to catch the would-be “common enemy” manufactured by the jewish state.

  7. Bill T. said

    Posted a link to the above at which their moderator promptly removed. I wondered what part of the McGovern’s interview might have worried them so much.

  8. google-watcher said

    Former CIA official: Communication companies help surveillance

    07-15-2013 01:07 BJT
    “Acoording to UK newspaper, the Guardian, Snowden has only released part of the intelligence he has. During his revelations of the US surveillance program, Snowden says the US government and US communication companies are involved.

    “Although related companies like Google and Microsoft are trying to exclude themselves from the scandal, a former CIA official says communication companies are accomplices in the surveillance.”

    Ray McGovern, a former CIA official, told CCTV News

    “What’s happened here is the us companies have become joined in a way with United States Government in such a way that you have the corporations, the government, the media and the congress and judiciary all pretty much joined in a complicit attempt to circumvent the constitution of the United States. There’s zero concern on the part of the communication companies to violate the law. They know that they’ll be protected, even if it’s ex post facto…”

  9. joe said

    YOU ARE 100% RIGHT!

    Revealed: how Microsoft handed the NSA access to encrypted messages

    Microsoft has collaborated closely with US intelligence services to allow users’ communications to be intercepted, including helping the National Security Agency to circumvent the company’s own encryption, according to top-secret documents obtained by the Guardian.

    • feww said

      The chances are most of the smartest people at NSA and the likes have absolutely no idea “who” or “what” they actually prostitute for.

  10. John,Jean Courtney said You might enjoy listening to this.

  11. I am your fan and follow your blog regularly, but why would they do that? Cant there be another explanation?


    • feww said


      Google has become one of the main components (and therefore guardians) of the exponential growth economy. The company and its titans have more say in how the political economy and therefore the government is run than any other corporation or entity.

      The world of smoke and mirrors in which Google thrives is falling apart, and this blog is heralding the “bad” news.

      What makes us apart from other organizations is our frighteningly accurate forecasts [please see blog content.] Google (government/establishment/cabal) are worried the elaborate webs of deceit and deception they have weaved for the 99 percent are being torn apart.

      See also other entries on Google. J.

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