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More Disasters Hit China

Posted by feww on July 28, 2013

Extreme Rain Events, flooding leave dozens dead or missing in NW China’s Gansu province

Widespread flooding and mudslides in Gansu province have destroyed or damaged more than 15,000 homes, affecting about 500,000 people and forcing 40,000 to relocate.

flooding in Gansu
A flooded gas station at Niangniangba Town of Qinzhou District in Tianshui City, northwest China’s Gansu Province. (Xinhua File Photo/Ren Hengfeng).

Flooding in Shaanxi Province

In Yan’an City, NW China’s Shaanxi Province, continuous torrential rains have triggered widespread flooding and mudslides, destroying or damaging scores of homes and other buildings. Floods have affected at least 1 million people, and 50,000 hectares of crops in 13 of the city’s districts.

flood destroys crops  - china
Original Caption: A villager walks through the disaster-hit corn field in Madongchuan Township of Yan’an City, northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, July 26, 2013. Continuous torrential rain battered Yan’an in the past few days, causing collapses, mud-rock flows and floods. A total of 936,000 people and 47,800 hectares of crops in 13 townships of the city were affected. (Xinhua/Li Yibo). More images…

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