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Quakes Intensify New Zealand’s First Phase of Collapse

Posted by feww on August 16, 2013

Details NOT released at this time for reasons already stated

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4 Responses to “Quakes Intensify New Zealand’s First Phase of Collapse”

  1. Nana said

    Seddonites don’t trust our ‘seismologisers’ either!

    Seddon residents take off – Another big aftershock last night was the final straw for some

    Terrified residents were fleeing Seddon last night after a 5.5 earthquake rattled the quake-weary town.

    The aftershock that struck just before 9 o’clock last night was more than some residents could take, with at least one family leaving town for good.

    Red Cross team leader Ben McKinnon said the succession of strong aftershocks was proving too much for some locals.

    “We’ve actually just had people turn up after this latest aftershock who were heading for Nelson tonight.

    “They’ve decided they don’t want to live in Seddon any more. They’ve got very young kids and they’re going nuts so they just threw everything into the car and took off.

    “There’s a lot of very anxious people and anxious kids as well,” said McKinnon, who was manning a welfare centre at Seddon School.

    Despite widespread damage to homes at the epicentre of Friday’s quake there have been just five injuries, including one person with a broken back.

  2. Panthera U said

    Most Seddon houses damaged in quake

    Most houses in the Marlborough town Seddon [population: about 1,000] were damaged in the 6.6 earthquake which shook central New Zealand on Friday.

    The quake hit 10km southeast of Seddon and 8km deep at 2.31pm.

    Aftershocks continue to rock central New Zealand, including a magnitude 5 on Saturday afternoon.

    Civil Defence in Marlborough says almost all houses in Seddon appear to be structurally sound, despite most being damaged.

    Most of the damage was to rooves, brickwork, chimneys and windows.

    Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman said it would take time for the town to recover in terms of rebuilding as well as coping with the on-going stress of aftershocks.

    “It has been a very, very frightening experience for this part of the country sitting right on the epicentre.”

    He praised the way residents had supported each other and secured damaged homes quickly.

    “It has been a ghastly experience for many people and the continuing aftershocks and today’s heavy rain are not making it any easier.

    “However, Seddon people are typical tough rural New Zealanders and they are getting stuck in and helping each other.”

    Five people were treated at Wairau Hospital in Blenheim for earthquake related injuries. One for a serious medical problem and the others for minor injuries.

    One person remained in hospital in a stable condition.

    About 50 houses in south Marlborough remained without power on Saturday.

    State Highway 1 between Seddon and Blenheim was reopened on Saturday, after it was closed due to cracks and slips. However, extreme caution is required, Civil Defence in Marlborough says.

    The railway line between Picton and Kaikoura is closed for inspections until at least Sunday.

    In Wellington, work to demolish a nine-storey lift shaft on Lukes Lane, that was damaged in the 6.5 earthquake in July, was expected to take several days.

    NZ Newswire Updated August 17, 2013, 7:09 pm

  3. beth said

    Is this it then?!

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