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30,000 People Evacuated in Far East Russia Floods

Posted by feww on September 7, 2013

Dam collapse in flood-hit eastern Russia forces hundreds more evacuations

Some 300 houses were inundated after floodwaters destroyed a dam in the Mendeleyev settlement, a suburb of the Far Eastern Russian city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, officials said.

“The dam was destroyed at about 11:00 local time [midnight GMT] on Saturday. A powerful stream of water is coming. All children were evacuated immediately, adults are being evacuated now,” said a senior Russian official.

flooding in Amur far east russia
Statistics for Flooded Areas in Far East Russia. Data: Emergencies Ministry – – Via RiaNovosti. Compiled by FIRE-EARTH.

The settlement is home to 4,500 people, however only about a thousand residents are in the immediate danger, of whom 700 have been evacuated, said a local official.

The authorities have evacuated a total of more than 16,000 people

Severe flooding in the Amur River has affected 100,000 people in Far Eastern regions, forcing the authorities to evacuate a total of about  30,000 people since late July.

The government declared a state of emergency in August, and some 45,000 people were mobilized for the rescue work in flood-hit areas, said the report.

The devastating floods are the worst in the 120-year history of meteorological records in the region, officials said.

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Massive Storm Sparks Record Lightning Strikes

Posted by feww on September 7, 2013

Supercell storm sparks 7,781 lightning strikes over Idaho, Oregon

A supercell storm slammed into southwestern Idaho Thursday sparking a record 7,781 lightning strikes in 14 counties in SW Idaho and SE Oregon, said the Boise weather service office.

The massive storm dumped torrential rains and golf ball-sized hail over the region, triggering flash floods and a mudslide that blocked a section of ID55, a major highway near Boise.

“It’s the strongest storm I’ve seen in my 14 years here,” said National Weather Service meteorologist Valerie Mills, who is based in Boise.

The storm dumped at least 1.5 inches of rain in 30 minutes in Nampa, west of Boise, and about 1 inch of rain in 20 minutes on a nearby resort town, Mills was reported as saying.

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Stopping Barry O’Bomber’s Rush to War

Posted by feww on September 7, 2013

Sent by a blog contributor.

Ralph Nader Letter to President Obama

September 6, 2013

Dear President Obama:

Little did your school boy chums in Hawaii, watching you race up and down the basketball court, know how prescient they were when they nicknamed you “Barry O’Bomber”.

Little did your fellow Harvard Law Review editors, who elected you to lead that venerable journal, ever imagine that you could be a president who chronically violates the Constitution, federal statutes, international treaties and the separation of power at depths equal to or beyond the George W. Bush regime.

Nor would many of the voters who elected you in 2008 have conceived that your foreign policy would rely so much on brute military force at the expense of systemically waging peace. Certainly, voters who knew your background as a child of third world countries, a community organizer, a scholar of constitutional law and a critic of the Bush/Cheney years, never would have expected you to favor the giant warfare state so pleasing to the military industrial complex.

Now, as if having learned nothing from the devastating and costly aftermaths of the military invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, you’re beating the combustible drums to attack Syria – a country that is no threat to the U.S. and is embroiled in complex civil wars under a brutal regime.

This time, however, you may have pushed for too many acts of War. Public opinion and sizable numbers of members of both parties in Congress are opposed. These lawmakers oppose bombing Syria in spite of your corralling the cowardly leaders of both parties in the Congress.

Thus far, your chief achievement on the Syrian front has been support for your position from al-Qaeda affiliates fighting in Syria, the pro-Israeli government lobby, AIPAC, your chief nemesis in Congress, House Speaker John Boehner, and Dick Cheney. This is quite a gathering and a telling commentary on your ecumenical talents. Assuming the veracity of your declarations regarding the regime’s resort to chemical warfare (first introduced into the Middle East by Winston Churchill’s Royal Air Force’s plastering of Iraqi tribesmen in the nineteen twenties), your motley support group is oblivious to the uncontrollable consequences that might stem from bombing Syria. One domestic consequence may be that Speaker Boehner expects to exact concessions from you on domestic issues before Congress in return for giving you such high visibility bipartisan cover.

Your argument for shelling Syria is to maintain “international credibility” in drawing that “red line” regardless, it seems, of the loss of innocent Syrian civilian life, causalities to our foreign service and armed forces in that wider region, and retaliation against the fearful Christian population in Syria (one in seven Syrians are Christian). But the more fundamental credibilities are to our Constitution, to the neglected necessities of the American people, and to the red line of observing international law and the UN Charter (which prohibit unilateral bombing in this situation).

There is another burgeoning cost – that of the militarization of the State Department whose original charter invests it with the responsibility of diplomacy. Instead, Mr. Obama you have shaped the State Department into a belligerent “force projector” first under Generalissima Clinton and now under Generalissimo Kerry. The sidelined foreign service officers, who have knowledge and conflict avoidance experience, are left with reinforced fortress-like embassies as befits our Empire reputation abroad.

Secretary John Kerry descended to gibberish when, under questioning this week by a House Committee member, he asserted that your proposed attack was “not war” because there would be “no boots on the ground.” In Kerry’s view, bombing a country with missiles and air force bombers is not an act of war.

It is instructive to note how government autocracy feeds on itself. Start with unjustified government secrecy garnished by the words “national security.” That leads to secret laws, secret evidence, secret courts, secret prisons, secret prisoners, secret relationships with selected members of Congress, denial of standing for any citizen to file suit, secret drone strikes, secret incursions into other nations and all this directed by a President who alone decides when to be secret prosecutor, judge, jury and executioner. What a Republic, what a democracy, what a passive people we have become!

Voices of reason and experience have urged the proper path away from the metastasizing war that is plaguing Syria. As proposed by former president, Jimmy Carter, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and other seasoned diplomats and retired military, vigorous leadership by you is needed for an international peace conference with all parties at the table, including the countries supplying weapons to the various adversaries in Syria.

Mr. Obama, you may benefit from reading the writings of Colman McCarthy, a leading advocate of peace studies in our schools and universities. He gives numerous examples of how waging peace avoided war and civil strife over the past 100 years.

Crowding out attention to America’s serious domestic problems by yet another military adventure (opposed by many military officials) , yet another attack on another small, non-threatening Muslim country by the powerful Christian nation (as many Muslims see it) is aggression camouflaging sheer madness.

Please, before you recklessly flout Congress, absorb the wisdom of the World Peace Foundation’s Alex de Waal and Bridget Conley-Zilkic.  Writing in the New York Times, they strongly condemn the use of nerve gas in Syria, brand the perpetrators as war criminals to be tried by an international war crimes tribunal and then declare:

“But it is folly to think that airstrikes can be limited: they are ill-conceived as punishment, fail to protect civilians and, most important, hinder peacemaking…. Punishment, protection and peace must be joined… An American assault on Syria would be an act of desperation with incalculable consequences. To borrow once more from Sir William Harcourt [the British parliamentarian who argued against British intervention in our Civil War (which cost 750,000 American lives)]: ‘We are asked to go we know not whither, in order to do we know not what.’”

If and when the people and Congress turn you down this month, there will be one silver lining. Only a Right/Left coalition can stop this warring. Such convergence is strengthening monthly in the House of Representatives to stop future war crimes and the injurious blowback against America of the wreckages from Empire.

History teaches that Empires always devour themselves.

Ralph Nader

Copyright © 2013 Nader.Org, All rights reserved.
P.O. Box 19367
Washington, DC 20036

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RIM FIRE Now 3RD Largest Wildfire in Calif. History

Posted by feww on September 7, 2013

Monster Wildfire devours 246,350 acres, including more than 50,000 acres in Yosemite National Park

RIM FIRE has become the 3rd largest wildfire in California history after burning at least 246,350 acres (997km², or 385mi²), including about 7 percent of Yosemite’s backcountry. The fire was reportedly 80 percent contained as of posting.

Top 4 Largest Wildfires in California History

top 4 california wildfires
Rim Fire information may change until the fire is contained. Source: Cal Fire.

Fire Update [Inciweb]

Fire activity is expected to intensify Friday as unburned areas within control lines are consumed on the Rim Fire. Hotter and drier weather conditions will persist through Sunday increasing the chance of spotting of embers across containment lines.

rim fire usfs
RIM FIRE Wildfire – Flames & Sunset, South Flank. Credit: USFS/Mike McMillan

RIM FIRE Wildfire

  • Cause: Under Investigation
  • Date of Origin: Saturday August 17th, 2013
  • Location: Groveland Range District, Stanislaus NF
  • Total Personnel: 3,634
  • Size: 246,350 acres
  • Percent Contained: 80%
  • Estimated Containment Date: Friday September 20th, 2013 approx. 12:00 AM

Park and Forest Closures, Road Closures, Evacuations and Advisories click HERE

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M6.5 Quake Strikes Guatemala

Posted by feww on September 7, 2013

Strong quake strikes near Mexico-Guatemala border

The quake was centered at 14.7°N, 92.1°W and struck at a depth of about 68km, according to USGS/EHP.

The quake was felt strongly in the capital Guatemala City, about 170km to the east of the epicenter, but there were no immediate report of damage, as of posting.

The mainshock was followed by at least one significant aftershock measuring 5.4Mw.

Quake Details

Time: 2013-09-07 09:13:30 UTC+09:00
Location: 14.668°N 92.075°W
Depth: 67.7km

Nearby Cities

  • 6km (4mi) SW of Pajapita, Guatemala
  • 8km (5mi) E of Ciudad Tecun Uman, Guatemala
  • 20km (12mi) NE of Suchiate, Mexico
  • 22km (14mi) W of Coatepeque, Guatemala
  • 168km (104mi) W of Guatemala City, Guatemala

guatemala quake
Earthquake Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP. Map enhanced by FIRE-EARTH

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