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Mass Evacuations Forced by MAN-YI in Japan

Posted by feww on September 16, 2013

Up to two million people under mandatory evacuation or advised to evacuate: Report

Authorities in Japan have issued mandatory evacuation orders for an estimated 800,000 people in 205,000 households in seven prefectures, and advised an additional 1.2 million people in 346,000 residences in 18 prefectures to evacuate their homes due to the massive Tropical Cyclone MAN-YI.

The cyclone is currently racing up in a northeasterly direction in the northeastern Japan, including the Tohoku region, having made landfall in Aichi prefecture on Monday morning.

The cyclone has already dumped in excess of 550 millimeters (20 inches) of rain in western and central Japan, with eastern and northern regions told to expect more than 80 mm per hour.

Tropical Cyclone MAN-YI. IR/WV Difference Image 2013-09-16 @ 07:32UTC. Source: CIMSS/SSEC/WISC.

Weather officials issued special warnings for Shiga, Kyoto and Fukui prefectures.  The warning is reserved for events when there is a significant likelihood of a major natural disaster “of a magnitude observed only once every few decades,” said NHK.

nhk storm image-yt

The storm has killed at least one person, left five people missing and injured 671 others, reports said.

More than 360 homes have reportedly been damaged, many of them severely.

  • About 74,000 households have been left without electricity.
  • More than 500 domestic flights have been cancelled.
  • Bullet train services have partially been suspended after wind speeds exceeded the safety limit, said NHK.

There are reports of widespread flooding and numerous mudslides in the affected regions, according to reports.

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