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State of Calamity Declared in Two Philippine Provinces

Posted by feww on September 24, 2013

Severe flooding, landslides destroy homes, bridges, roads and dikes, killing dozens

State of Calamity has been declared in Ilocos Norte province after strong winds and heavy rain accompanying Typhoon USAGI [locally known as “Odette”] destroyed scores of roads, bridges and dikes, inundating thousands of homes and ruining large swathes of crops.

Severe flooding has inundated the towns of Bacarra, Bangui, Piddig, Pagudpud, Paoay and Pasuquin, in Ilocos Norte province, prompting the authorities to declare a State of Calamity throughout the province, according to local reports.

Heavy rains kill at least 33 in Zambales, N. Philippines

A state of calamity has also been declared in the city of Olongapo, Zambales province, amid widespread flooding, as monsoon rains inundated the city and its neighboring Subic municipality, said a report.

As of 11 am Tuesday, September 24, the death toll stood at 33, local officials reported.

“As of posting, houses in Sta Monica subdivision in Barangay Matain, Subic, were still submerged.” Said the report.

Olongapo City
Floodwaters submerge vehicles in Olongapo City, September 23, 2013. Photo courtesy Ryan Viduya/ via

Major Flooding in Bataan Province, Central Luzon

Floodwaters also submerged at least 4 towns in the neighboring province of Bataan, in Central Luzon, authorities reported.

Mass evacuations are underway in the towns of Hermosa, Abucay, Dinalupihan, and Samal.

Thousands of families are being evacuated as floodwaters reached up to 5 feet high in some areas submerged homes and leaving roads impassable, said a report.

Flood victims were seen carrying their shivering kids as they waded through the floodwaters amid submerged cars, said an AFP reporter.

In Samal town, floodwaters “rose neck-deep” in some areas, the report said.

Olongapo City Mayor has asked the US ambassador to send the US Marines, who are conducting joint war games in the region, to help with relief efforts, said his office.

“About 2,300 US and Philippine marines are taking part in 3-week long joint exercises, many of them to be conducted in Zambales,” said the report.

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