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Floods Submerge Third of Thailand

Posted by feww on September 29, 2013

More than 2 million people affected by flooding in Thailand

Severe flooding has hit at least 191 districts in 29 of Thailand’s 77 provinces , leaving eastern Thailand almost completely submerged.

Floods have killed at least 13 people, according to official figures, and affected more than 2 million others since September 17.

Floodwater has encircled an industrial complex northeast of Bangkok, but the authorities say water would not enter the park.

Local media reported water had entered the park after the nearby Prachin Buri river overflowed due to heavy rain, but a senior official has denied that, reports said.

“It has affected villagers living near the riverbank [more than 20,000 homes inundated] but there has been no impact on our industrial park. At our highest point, we are 22 meters above sea level,” an executive vice president of 304 Industrial Park told Reuters.

The 304 Industrial Park, about 130 NE of Bangkok, has more than 110 factories, many of them Japanese-owned.

Floodwaters have also submerged at least a dozen provinces in Thailand’s central plains, the prime rice-growing region, since July; however, the authorities have not divulged the full extent of losses.

Thailand’s Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department said on Friday floods had destroyed or damaged 6,900 houses [sic] 450,000 acres of farmland, 2,310 roads and 145 bridges.

Last Few Famous Words?

The deputy PM responsible for flood management has assured the public that a scenario like the 2011 devastating floods in which all major dams in Thailand reached full capacity would not happen. Unless, off course, there’s more heavy rain in the north!

“He said the major dams in Thailand are now at half of its capacity and can contain more than 10,000 million cubic meters,” said a report.

He said earlier that the flood situation this year is “not worrying,” and that it’s “under control,” adding that “Bangkok would be 100 percent safe unless there is more heavy rain in the North for a couple of days.”

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