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9 Utah Counties Declare State of Emergency due to “Economic Disruption”

Posted by feww on October 8, 2013

Gov’t shutdown impacts tourism, prompts  emergency declaration in Utah counties

The closure of national parks across the country due to government shutdown is causing economic hardship in Utah, forcing nine counties to declare a state of emergency.

Commissioners from 9 Utah counties of Washington, Kane, San Juan, Garfield, Sevier, Grand, Iron, Wayne and Piute met Monday, along with representatives from Coconino and Mohave counties in Arizona, to discuss the economic impact of park closures on tourism-dependent communities, said a report.

Utah is experiencing a sharp drop-off in Tourism, which has left  many communities “eerily empty” toward the end of busiest season, the report quoted the county leaders as saying.

“We definitely need to get (the national parks) reopened. It’s been a huge financial impact on us already,” said Washington County Commissioner Alan Gardner.

“The declaration emphasizes that a significant amount of Washington County residents rely on tourism dollars from the 3 million annual visitors who travel to Zion National Park, which also reaches into Iron and Kane counties.”

Gardner believes other Utah counties would adopt similar resolutions, declaring states of emergency due to economic hardship.

“A significant portion of the annual visitors come to Zion in the month of October to enjoy the fall temperatures and avoid the summer crowds. By no means has the tourism season ended at the beginning of October,” the declaration states.

2 Responses to “9 Utah Counties Declare State of Emergency due to “Economic Disruption””

  1. John said

    How pathetic. How much tourism is there actually in OCTOBER?

    I LIKE the shutdown. I wish it would CONTINUE INDEFINITELY. Government workers are overpaid, pampered and generally useless “employees”.

    The shutdown demonstrates that we do not need a significant percentage of our government AT ALL.

    Open up the damned parks but leave the idiot gun-toting rangers at home where they belong.

    • bill said

      “I LIKE the shutdown. I wish it would CONTINUE INDEFINITELY.”
      UNFORTUNATELY, thousands of local businesses, real people with their families, are heavily dependent on the tourist dollars.

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