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PHAILIN: A Perfect Super Cyclone

Posted by feww on October 12, 2013

Super Cyclone PHAILIN Packs Even More Power

The perfectly symmetrical textbook Super Cyclonic Storm PHAILIN has further intensified, packing winds of about 270km per hour with wind gusts reaching 330km per hour.

FIRE-EARTH forecasts the cyclone could slightly intensify to a peak of about 275km/hr over the next 6 hours due to favorable sea surface temperatures and atmospheric conditions.

phailin textbook super cyclone
Super Cyclonic Storm PHAILIN has a well-defined 30km-wide eye. VIS/IR Satellite Image recorded at 00:30UTC on October 12, 2013. Source: CIMSS/SSEC/WISC. FIRE-EARTH Enhancement.

Super Cyclonic Storm PHAILIN

  • Time: 03:00UTC on October 12, 2013
  • Movement: NW – 305 degrees @ 13km/hr
  • Position: Near 17.7ºN, 86.7ºE
  • Location: About 585km SSW of Kolkata (202 degrees), India
  • Max Sustained Winds: 270km/hr  [Super Cyclonic Storm]
  • Max Wind Gusts: 330km/hr
  • Significant Wave Height: ~ 10m
  • Estimated Landfall Location and Time: Southwest of Brahmapur [REVISED] at about 18:00UTC on October 12, 2013. [JTWC estimate: Northeast of Visakhapatnam, Near 19.17ºN, 84.82E]
  • Source: FIRE-EARTH and others

PHAILIN is a “28-hr” Super Storm!

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued a ‘Red Message’ warning for North Andhra Pradesh and Odisha Coast concerning the impact of the “very severe cyclonic storm PHAILIN.”

Next update after landing!

The 1999 Odisha Cyclone [aka, Cyclone 05B, and Paradwip]

The 1999 Odisha cyclone was the deadliest tropical cyclone to hit India since 1971. The Category Five super storm made landfall just weeks after a category 4 storm had hit the same region.

The deadly cyclone hit India on October 29, 1999 with sustained winds of about 250km/hr, killing an estimated 15,000 people and carving a path of destruction.

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  2. Dublinsmick said

    You have probably seen this, a new way to kill off the indians and wildlife in Wyoming.

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