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Who Better to Win the Noble Prize for “Economic Science?”

Posted by feww on October 14, 2013

It could be argued, of course, that no single group of academics, politicians, NWO saboteurs, or otherwise group of individuals of the same species, is solely responsible for the catastrophic state of the U.S. economy in the short term, but it’s a different ball game altogether over longer periods …

Global Disasters/ Significant Events – October 14, 2013


Other Global Disasters/ Significant Events

You take one look at the U.S. economy and know …

Nobel Committee have done it again!

They’ve awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science to three American professors—Eugene F. Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert J. Shiller. 

Ignoring for a moment that economy is not even a science … Why did they award the prize to the U.S. academics?

Because they showed that asset prices move unpredictably in the short term, but with greater predictability over longer periods.

It could be argued, of course, that no single group of academics, politicians, NWO saboteurs, or otherwise group of individuals of the same species, is solely responsible for the catastrophic state of the U.S. economy in the short term, but it’s a different ball game altogether over longer periods …


UK Police colluded in secret blacklist of 3,213 building workers

Police officers across the United Kingdom “supplied information on workers to a blacklist operation run by Britain’s biggest construction companies, the police watchdog has told lawyers representing victims,” said a report.

Campaigners for the 3,213 blacklisted workers call the findings by the UK’s IPCC as “absolute evidence” of a conspiracy between the state and industry, said the report.

“The blacklist, run by a company called the Consulting Association, funded by 40 major firms in the construction industry including Balfour Beatty and Sir Robert McAlpine, was discovered in 2009 after a raid by the information commissioner’s office. Since then, the victims have fought to find out who was providing information against them. The IPCC’s correspondence is regarded as a major breakthrough.” Read more…


U.S. veterans groups protest shutdown at White House gates

“Veteran and Tea Party groups protested the U.S. government shutdown in Washington on Sunday, taking down barricades around the World War Two memorial on the National Mall before marching to the gates of the White House,” said a report.


Anti-migrant riot in southern Moscow

Police have detained about 400 protestors amid anti-migrant riots that broke out on Sunday in Moscow’s southern district of Biryulyovo. At least 20 people were injured, said a report.

“Several thousand people rioted in Biryulyovo on Sunday, storming a shopping center where migrants worked, tipping over cars, constructing barricades and throwing stones at the police in protest of last week’s murder of a 25-year-old local resident Yegor Shcherbakov, who was stabbed to death while walking home with his girlfriend. The attacker was identified as a migrant by Russian media.”


Russian police arrest 1,200 at Vegetable Warehouse Targeted in Anti-Migrant Riots

Russian police said Monday they had arrested 1,200 people at a vegetable warehouse in a Moscow suburb that targeted by the anti-migrant rioters on Sunday, reported RIA Novosti.

“One video clip of the weekend violence showed a group of protestors chanting Russian nationalist slogans and breaking into a shop, smashing glass and setting off smoke bombs.”

moscow migrant workers rounded up for mass detentionMoscow police rounded up and arrested more than 1200 migrant workers at a vegetable warehouse in Zapadnoye Biryulyovo on Oct. 14, 2013. Credit: RIA Novosti/Grigory Sysoev

Russia’s Interior Minister has put the entire police force in Moscow  on alert to control mass unrest, the Kommersant newspaper reported. The response includes “Volcano 5 strategy,” which has been invoked for the first time since the 2010 deadly terrorist attacks on the Moscow metro, said the report.


More to follow …

5 Responses to “Who Better to Win the Noble Prize for “Economic Science?””

  1. Dr John Smith (CULPP - AoC) said

    There’s no sense of right or wrong in Japan’s dominant, stone-worshiping religion, Shinto. Up until Japan’s capitulation in WWII, the vampire emperor was god, what he said was divine, even if it meant carrying out suicide missions to kill American soldiers.
    Then, people saw the famous photo of their god next to the towering figure of Gen. MacArthur, and the tiny parasite was no longer a god.
    There’s nothing in Shinto religion and the primitive Japanese culture that warns against committing murder, rape, incest, theft, lying, injustice, or otherwise wrongdoing (not that Christianity has saved many souls).

  2. Dr. ID said

    Once again the best of Japan have been proven to be fake…

    Japan’s top research institute, Riken, was finally forced to admit that their top researcher Obokata’s “groundbreaking research” into stem cells was “flawed” and the result “could have been fabricated (!)”
    In January, the government-backed institute had trumpeted the so-called ‘STAP’ research, a “simple [but fake] method” to re-program adult cells to work like stem cells.

  3. White LED said

    “With 20% of the world’s electricity used for lighting, it’s been calculated that optimal use of LED lighting could reduce this to 4%,” says Dr Frances Saunders, President, Institute of Physics.

    However, she fails to mention that only a negligible percentage of global lighting has since switched to LED.

  4. Dr N. said

    As a scientist with over 40 years of teaching and research experience, I can confirm that the majority of Nobel Committee members for physics, chemistry, medicine, and literature are also certifiably insane, or heavily bribed/ morally degenerates!

    • sir J said

      Blue LEDs were first made in early 1990s, that’s more than two decades ago. They have some uses, but nothing too breathtaking.
      On the other hand, many physicists have made major contributions to science and engineering since then.
      So, there is only one conclusion that could reasonably be drawn:
      Come on, Japan, how much did you have to pay this time?

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