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Cambodian Catastrophe

Posted by feww on October 31, 2013

Twenty out of 24 of Cambodia’s provinces affected by floods and flash floods since September 2013

Floods have killed at least 188 people including 88 children in the past six weeks, according to officials

Floodwaters have affected 1,736,000 people in more than 377,000 households, forcing 144,000 people in more than 31,000 households to flee their collapsing homes.

Flood Map of Cambodia

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Floodwaters have severely damaged more than 230,000 houses, 1,242 schools, 78 health centers and hospitals, and destroyed or damaged numerous pagoda, roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

Floods have affected the population, particularly with food and non-food items (NFI) distributions, and in the areas of water, sanitation and hygiene, shelter, health, education and protection, said UN OCHA.

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