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Police Declares Major Incident After Chopper Crashes in Scotland

Posted by feww on November 30, 2013

Police helicopter crashes into Glasgow “pub,” multiple fatalities likely

Scottish authorities have declared a major incident after a police helicopter with a crew of three came down on the roof of a public house with an estimated 120 people inside.

The helicopter fell from the sky “like a stone,” according to eyewitnesses.

“Given an incident of this scale we must all prepare ourselves for the likelihood of fatalities,” said Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond.

The Clutha pub chopper crash scotland
A police insignia could be seen on the wreckage of the helicopter.  Source: Police photo via BBC.

“I was just a few yards away and I arrived on the scene outside the pub a few seconds after the impact. No-one knew what it was but you saw the pandemonium of the people trying to get out of the pub,” Jim Murphy, a  member of parliament told BBC, describing the aftermath as a “horrific scene.”

“It was almost like slow motion. Like other people you just do what you can to help.”

“As you stood there you could see the helicopter embedded in the roof and sticking out the top of the roof and you knew it was something really serious.”

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