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Extreme Rain Event Batters Western Cuba

Posted by feww on December 1, 2013

26-Hour rainstorm lashes Cuba

Extreme rain event triggers deluge causing multiple collapses in dwellings in Havana, Cuba, killing at least two people.

Up to 7.8 inches (200 millimeters) fell over Havana overnight,  said Cuba’s Meteorological Institute.

“The rain arrived early Friday and fell near constantly throughout the day. Traffic snarled and some cars were stranded, as intersections flooded and streets turned into rushing rivers,” said a report.

About 40 percent of the capital remains submerged, as flooding inundates coastal areas in western Cuba and the central region.

6 Responses to “Extreme Rain Event Batters Western Cuba”

  1. Tim said

    The food restaurant UNO’s has free wi fi. NOT so free, as they block access to this site from personal devices! How exactly do they feel justified in that they should block alternative news sites? I like this site as at least you actually report facts. I would rather know whats going on than not. Much of these events although actually taking place and many of them serious hardly make the ticker tape on lamestream sources.

    This is so obvious, and normal channels so bias that one can hardly stomach watching. I understand their motive in large. But not everyone wants a pacifier!

    • feww said

      The question most of us haven’t been asking is “WHY?”

      • Tim said

        The worst thing that can happen is mass panic. (Or so its sold) The problem with compartmentalization is that it prevents people from preparing. And I do not mean having time for the last minute store run before the snow storm.

        There are warnings if one is aware enough to pay attention. Any .gov or Fema web site encourages people to prepare to some degree. I even heard it on the radio the other day and was actually surprised. Most hear, but do not hear.

        For those who do observe and take note of our changing environment it is apparent the leaves of change are turning and an entire system built up upon greed, profiting, growth at all cost… eventually that fire consumes itself.

        Name a problem that does not come back to the decline in human values. It effects us all.. whether those orchestrating the chaos or those who might rise above it but instead sit on their hands and wait for a handout.

        Dependence… is NOT Independence.

        But I tell you Independence is dependent on strong values.

    • feww said

      As often, a number of separate, though inter-related, issues seem to be hiding between the lines.

      For example, .gov or Fema authorities know full well, or should do, that above and beyond what any individual could carry in a small backpack, there’s no such thing as preparing for a mega disaster.

      A quick look at the aftermath of 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, dozens of towns obliterated or abandoned after Japan’s triple surprise in 2011, or the utter devastation caused by Super Typhoon HAIYAN in the Philippines, easily confirms that.

      So, what the govt and hundreds of parasitic organizations say about preparing for mega disasters are simply untrue, and at best commercially rooted.

      • Tim said

        That is correct, this is why I teach from an entirely different perspective.
        Survival is every day and the degree of action or reaction one takes is dictated by the set of circumstance/s. To know how to survive in your skin upward is necessary. And it all starts with the mind.

        Then, one must work outward (while you have time) to prepare more adequately. Keeping always in mind that all preparations made outside of the 2 square feet you occupy may be unavailable or inaccessible to you when you find yourself needing it. Oh well, someone else might find it and make use of it. Now get going and start gathering what you need. Mind… forward.

        Anything you do that is ‘storage’ is transition supplies at best. Does the item need to be replaced? Can you replace it? Transition supply.. But still, would be most welcome while ‘transition’ is taking place.

        A 72 hour bag in my mind is almost useless if survival becomes long term with no way or understanding of how to replenish the bag. The bag should be designed to help one ‘function’ or ‘fend for oneself’ by what it contains. Not simply to function as a lunch box.

        To think every situation involves surviving only long enough to make it back to a road! (Where most survival shows end). Or to condition a person to think that you just need to stay alive till the fossil fueled power supply comes on and then your saved is comical if not so shortsighted its maddening.

        Name any major weather event and see how long it took to recover. Has any area ever really recovered? Haiti is STILL desperate. I know someone who just went their and they were horrified on just how bad it still is.

        Although, I do believe if every person in the area had a ‘good’ prepared bag of tools and a few sealed supply catches it would help both the immediate situation and assist them long term.

        To think that help is coming and to just sit on your hands is embarrassing. Most people are specialized to weakness. Compartmentalized, cubicl-ized into a specialty that in itself would provide little to nothing to truly keep one alive. Many know how to do only one thing, and do it their entire lives! We are so detached from the earth most do not care about it.

        An infant needs its mommy for the lack of knowledge and ability… If our life’s course has given us only enough knowledge and ability to sit and wait to be nursed.. how would we a person fair much better? Larger tantrum? take what doesnt belong to them because they know not what else to do?

        Yah, Infants are pretty easy to control right.. But whats going to happen when there is noone available to care for them? Those so conditioned are going to know what a full diaper feels like.

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