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Massive Winter Storm Engulfs Much of Western, Central and Northern U.S.

Posted by feww on December 4, 2013


POWERFUL WINTER STORM battering much of Western, Central & Northern U.S. with high winds and heavy Snow

High winds and heavy snow forcing temperatures to plunge as much as 35 degrees below normal across much of the Western and North Central U.S., causing  dangerous wind chills.

Multiple Hazardous Weather Warnings, as well as Watches and Advisories, are in effect across the country. The warnings include Winter Storm Warnings, High Wind Warnings, Flood Warnings, Gale Warnings, Wind Chill Warnings, Hard Freeze Warnings and Freeze Warnings.

  • Hard Freeze Warnings are in effect for California, said the National Weather Service (NWS).
  • Heavy snow is forecast across the Wasatch, Colorado Rockies, and San Juans through Thursday morning.
  • Significant snow accumulations are expected over the Northern Plains, Upper Midwest, and Great Lakes region.

us weather hazmap 4dec2013

Storm Total Snowfall 5:00am MST Sat Nov30 through 1:00pm MST Tue Dec 03

Idaho-Gibbonsville: 30.0 in (76.2cm)
Michigan- Mancelona: 3.5
Minnesota- Two Harbors: 22.0
Montana- Evaro: 20.0
North Dakota- Buffalo: 8.0
Nevada- Sparks: 8.5
Oregon- Flora: 9.5
South Dakota- Red Owl: 10.8
Washington- Wenatchee: 7.0
Wisconsin- Superior: 8.0
Wyoming- Bondurant: 25.0

Selected Peak Wind Gusts (MPH) Earlier In The Event
California- Independence: 59 MPH
Colorado- Pikes Peak: 81 MPH (130km/h)
Idaho- Roberts: 59
Nebraska- Kimball: 50
Wyoming- Arlington : 66

Selected Storm Total Rainfall (inches) Where The Event Has Ended

Idaho- Moose Creek Raws: 3.14 (in)
Oregon- Blazed Alder Snotel: 9.30
Washington- June Lake Snotel: 5.90

NWS Forecast

As Arctic air continues to push southward over the next couple days, the low pressure center in southern Iowa is forecast to intensify on Wednesday and then quickly move into the upper Midwest by Wednesday night. This storm will continue bringing heavy snow, gusty winds, and dangerous wind chills to the Northern Plains and upper Midwest on Wednesday. Additional snow accumulations are expected to range from 6 to 12 inches with up to 15 more inches possible in the upper Great Lakes. As the Arctic front pushes further southward into the central Rockies, additional snowfall totals will range from 4 to 10 inches with upwards of 12 to 18 inches for the highest elevations. Freezing rain accumulations up to a quarter of an inch are possible across portions of the upper Midwest and upper Great Lakes tonight and into tomorrow. In addition, this same system could produce a quarter to more than half an inch of ice across portions of Southern Plains into the lower Ohio Valley later this week.

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