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Japan to Spend $232.4 Billion on Weapons

Posted by feww on December 17, 2013

Japan to pay a heavy price for hubris

Abe’s “kamikazenomics” sees a massive increase on arms spending

Japan’s cabinet has approved a new national security strategy and increased military [“defense”] spending, directly targeting  China.

“China’s stance toward other countries and military moves, coupled with a lack of transparency regarding its military and national security policies, represent a concern to Japan and the wider international community and require close watch,” said the national security draft.

Abe’s government will budget 23.97 trillion yen [$232.4 billion] over the next five years to buy weapons, up from 23.37 trillion yen during the previous five years.

Many Japanese believe that Mr Abe is using the threat from China as an excuse to pursue his own nationalist aspirations.

The Village Idiot’s Shopping List

  • 5 x  Submarines
  • 2 x Anti-missile destroyers
  • 28 x F-35 fighter planes
  • 17 x Boeing  Osprey aircraft (VTO)
  • 52 x Amphibious vehicles
  • 3 x Surveillance drones
  • Sundries

Japan first increased military spending in January 2013, after 10 years of cuts.

Major Beneficiaries

“U.S. contractors would be major beneficiaries of Abe’s increased spending. These include V22 Osprey maker Boeing Co, lead F-35 fighter-jet contractor Lockheed Martin Corp, missile-fabricator Raytheon Corp, and Northrop Grumman Corp, which builds the Global Hawk unarmed drone,” said a report.

Amazing, but True!

How Japan was shafted: Japan’s new defense plan includes cutting the country’s tanks by 400 to 300 over the next 10 years. TANKS? That’s right, tanks! The super-heavy, tracked, armored fighting vehicle that’s designed for front-line combat in conventional warfare.

Japan proudly owns 700 tanks.

Somehow, someone must have convinced the Japanese government that to defend their islands they would need tanks [sic,] and not just any old number, but 700 of them.

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF)

Currently, JMSDF operates at least 120 large vessels (excluding smaller auxiliary ships) including

  • 16 Attack submarines
  • Four helicopter-carrier destroyers
  • Six large aegis class destroyers
  • Two guided missile destroyers (DDG)
  • 20 Destroyers (DD)
  • 30 Mine countermeasure vessels
  • 18 Destroyers (frigates)
  • Six destroyer escorts (corvettes)
  • Seven patrol vessels
  • Three landing ship tanks
  • 8 Training vessels
  • And a fleet of various auxiliary and support ships

From Disaster Calendar 2011 – December 31

Most Unethical Nations in 2011 [and Probably 2012]

World’s top 20 countries with the highest arms expenditure

Top 20 countries with the highest military expenditure for 2010 shown as a percentage of the world total. Source: SIPRI Military Expenditure Database, War Resisters League and others.

1. The “Tier 1 Coalition Countries,” or the countries that obediently support the United States war efforts to maintain its empire status, which include Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Australia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Spain and the Netherlands account for at least 71% of the world’s total arms procurement.

2. Arms procurement is normally 20-50% of the countries’ military budgets.

3. World’s total arms expenditure for 2010-2011 was estimated at $1,655 billion.

4. The 2012 United States federal budget is a staggering $2,847 billion, of which 48% ($1,372 billion) is allocated to the military. (Source). The figure includes 30% or $869 billion for current military operations, and 18% or $503 billion for past military disasters from Total Outlays of $2,847 billion in 2012 fiscal year. [“The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—not to mention the Pentagon’s voracious appetite for expensive weapons systems—have been a gold mine for the Big Five: Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrop-Grumman and Boeing.” ~ “From Pentagon, a Buy Rating on Contractors,” Joe Nocera, New York Times, Feb. 11, 2011]

7 Responses to “Japan to Spend $232.4 Billion on Weapons”

  1. Joe said

    LA Times is suing Pentagon because they have been denied info over bonus payouts to contractors of a defective $40bn defense system.

    LaTimes Journalist, David Willman, says he is suing the Pentagon because they have refused to provide information on “large sums” of bonuses and incentives paid to contractors that worked on a defective $40 billion Ground-Ballistic Midcourse Missile system (GMD) between 2001 and 2014.

    According to the lawsuit, the system has only intercepted targets nine times out of 17, and three of the misses occurred during four of its latest trials, despite, according to the lawsuit, the Pentagon staging “carefully choreographed tests that are more predictable and less challenging than an actual attack would be.”

    The lawsuit also states: “Despite numerous failures during testing, and prior disclosures of similar information to news organizations, DOD has withheld from taxpayers—and the LA Times—information showing the large sums in bonuses that DOD paid to contractors… Given the important national defense issues, the performance problems, and the staggering sums spent to date, the public has significant interest in the GMD system.”

    See also:
    $40-billion missile defense system proves unreliable –

  2. Joe said

    A colleague who is an expert on military matters says the tanks serve absolutely no military purpose whatever. In fact, he couldn’t come up with a single scenario in which Japan military could use a single tank for defensive or offensive operations.

    The only possible use might be to have them on display during victory parades in the streets of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he said.

    As for “The Village Idiot’s Shopping List,” about a third of the hardware would be DOA, he said, another third way below spec and woefully inadequate, with the rest breaking down and falling apart routinely.

    Japanese have a Korean for emperor, why can’t they also have a foreigner for prime minister, say an Indonesian, Malaysian or a Filipino, who might at least give a damn?

  3. CK said

    Japan’s Prime Idiot Prays at War Crimes Shrine. CK

    “With Shrine Visit, Leader Asserts Japan’s Track From Pacifism

    “The latest visit set off swift rebukes from officials in Beijing and Seoul, who accused Mr. Abe of trying to obscure imperial Japan’s atrocities. And in a rare criticism of a close ally, the new American ambassador to Japan, Caroline Kennedy, also expressed disappointment with Mr. Abe’s government. ”

    • Brad said

      He’s mentally incapacitated; his senseless and wanton actions are making Japan a target, thus posing a serious threat to the lives of hundreds of thousands of foreigners living in Japan as well as tens of millions of voiceless Japanese. His position as the PM has become untenable, and he should resign without delay.

  4. Tim said

    Corruption, sleaze, greed and hubris all stem from ignorance.
    Historically, the criminal Japanese elite have always proved incapable of making intelligent decisions.

    Unfortunately, ordinary Japanese don’t count because they loose their souls to fear shortly after birth–no racial slur intended.

    Intelligent people don’t start wars, let alone loosing them and exposing an entire nation to the ultimate punishment.

  5. d. macarthur said

    “Japan proudly owns 700 tanks.”

    Very true! You couldn’t possibly sell 700 tanks to an island nation for defensive purposes, unless, of course…

    Corruption and sleaze are endemic in Japanese politics and the new secrecy bill fits right in to protect their dishonest butts.

    Japanese military dreams pose a serious threat to the regional and global stability.

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