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Chaparrastique Eruption Forces Mass Evacuations in El Salvador

Posted by feww on December 30, 2013

Chaparrastique volcano eruption prompts evacuation of hundreds of communities

Civil protection authorities in El Salvador have imposed a 5-km exclusion zone around the San Miguel volcano, aka Chaparrastique, and are evacuating up to 5,000 villagers that live near the volcano.

The 2,130-m high volcano,  El Salvador’s third highest, ejected columns of smoke and ash up to 5km above the summit.

Chaparrastique, located about  15km SW of San Miguel city (population: 180,000), showed signs of increased activity on December 13.

The eruption has so far deposited more than 10cm of ash in the nearby areas within the coffee-producing region, officials said.

CHAPARRASTIQUE erupts 29-12-13
Chaparrastique erupts. Screen dump from a local news report timed at about 10:30 am local time December 29, 2013.

El Salvador

El Salvador sits along the Pacific Ring of Fire, close to Middle America Trench, and is subject to significant tectonic movement, causing frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity. The tiny country (population: 6.3 million) is home to at least 23 volcanoes.

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