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Large Sinkhole Appears in Derbyshire, England

Posted by feww on December 31, 2013

50-Meter wide sinkhole opens up in the village of Foolow, the Peak District, England

“It’s quite a large hole and it’s getting bigger all the time. It’s probably increased by about 10% since it opened up [on December 25,]” said Mark Nobel, a member of Derbyshire Caving Association.

sinkhole in Foolow, England
A large sinkhole appeared
in the village of Foolow, the Peak District, Derbyshire, England. Mr Noble and his wife Wendy discovered the giant hole during a walk on Christmas Day. Credit: Mark Noble

A video clip of the sinkhole is posted at

2 Responses to “Large Sinkhole Appears in Derbyshire, England”

  1. Brian said

    The images on media channels show the wife of the photographer standing on the slip itself. I hope she realises the stupidity of where she was standing, as that slip had already moved and could easily have given way under her, taking her into the depths of the hole.

    • mark noble said

      Hi Brian

      The lady standing on the edge, runs a company which specialises in cliff and soil slope stabilisation, so yes she is fully aware of the position she is standing, and no it would not suddenly give way and is in fact still there.

      Mark Noble

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