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Extreme Winter Storms Lash Britain, France

Posted by feww on January 4, 2014


High winds, giant waves and tidal surge batter western coasts of Britain and France, flooding coastal towns 

Southwest England, Wales, western and southern Scotland and Northern Ireland are reportedly the worst-hit UK regions as the latest round of extreme winter storms batters western Europe.

Hurricane-force winds gusting up to 146 km/h, combined with Extreme Rain Events and exceptionally high tides, have battered coastal areas in Britain and France, leaving homes in dozens of cities and towns as well as low-lying areas flooded.

High tides and strong winds have also caused flooding in Wales and western England as officials warn of a continuing threat in the UK coastal areas.

The UK Environment Agency has issued four severe flood warnings, down from 14, meaning “danger to life” for Gloucestershire and Dorset.

Earlier on Friday, residents in parts of Dorset and Aberystwyth were evacuated from their homes before the high tide on Friday night, said the report.


A massive tidal surge combined with severe gale force winds inundated coastal areas of western and southern Scotland. Homes in the Isle of Whithorn, Portpatrick, Garlieston, Kirkcudbright, Annan, Carsethorn, Powfoot and Port William have been flooded.

Southwest of Scotland is one of the worst-hit areas, having suffered similar flooding earlier in the week, with numerous properties inundated along the coastline of Dumfries and Galloway, reported BBC.


Parts of northwestern France have also been deluged. Homes and business were evacuated in parts of Brittany coast as the Laita River overflowed its banks, leaving  large areas buried under floodwater.

The latest round of extreme winter storm follows a pattern of extreme weather events which began battering western and northern Europe  in early December and continued over Christmas.

Forecast for the UK

In November 2009,  EDRO/FIRE-EARTH Models forecast Climate Change could directly affect about half the population in the UK within 3 to 5  years.

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