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737 People Reported Sickness after West Virgina Water Pollution

Posted by feww on January 11, 2014

This post will probably be filtered or blocked by Google, as with an earlier version posted yesterday!

More than 700 hundred have reported sickness, dozens hospitalized after chemical leak in Charleston

The White House has declared a Federal  State of Emergency and sent disaster aid to West Virginia.

  • As of Friday evening, 737 people had called the West Virginia Poison Center to report symptoms related to poisoning, according to Director Elizabeth Scharman, Reuters reported.
  • The reported symptoms include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, rashes and/or reddened skin – “varying from very mild to much more bothersome,” said Scharman.
  • An Indefinite ban on water tap has left 300,000 people without water in nine counties after a chemical spill into the Elk River in West Virginia.
  • Schools, restaurants and businesses have been ordered closed.
  • Governor Tomblin has declared a State of Emergency for nine counties in West Virginia following what is said to be a major spill of 4-Methylcyclohexane Methanol, a chemical used in the coal industry, along the Elk River in Charleston.
  • Tomblin has urged the residents NOT to use tap water for drinking, cooking, washing or bathing.
  • “West Virginians in the affected service areas are urged NOT to use tap water for drinking, cooking, washing or bathing. Right now, our priorities are our hospitals, nursing homes, and schools,” said Gov. Tomblin in a statement.

Developing story …

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