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Call for Class-action Lawsuit against Google for Internet Censorship

Posted by feww on January 12, 2014

Stop the Ongoing Internet Censorship by continues to filter/ block information posted on FIRE-EARTH

The Forecasts, analysis, views and core ideas posted on this blog are unique to FIRE-EARTH and could potentially save millions of people from harm.

However, based on ongoing observations, we believe is preventing an estimated 99.999685% of the people with access to Internet in the United States from receiving this information.

Millions of others in the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and other countries are also prevented from viewing this blog.

We know is responsible for the information denial (as opposed to NSA, to name but one example) because their search engines either do not list FIRE-EARTH posts/pages, or list them in such dismissive manners so as to deter the searchers from clicking on the links.

Based on the above, we believe the readers can and should bring a class-action lawsuit against, which would at least serve to exposing the unethical firm and could potentially lead to a global boycott.

We do NOT underestimate Google’s vast influence over the government branches.

Please see also numerous other entries posted on this blog concerning Google censorship.

To us, it makes very little difference how many people read this blog for reasons that will become clearer in the coming months.

To you, it could mean much, much more!

3 Responses to “Call for Class-action Lawsuit against Google for Internet Censorship”

  1. stella said

    • feww said

      Thank you for the info.
      If you type in the blog name, you’ll find it listed.
      But if you use generic terms, searching for disasters, etc, you’d rarely find the blog listed in the search results.

  2. reduckules said

    Thank you

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