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Uncontrolled Bushfires Rage in Victoria and South Australia

Posted by feww on January 15, 2014


Hundreds of wildfires plague Victoria and South Australia, as thunderstorms threaten to spark more blazes

Lightning-sparked bushfires are burning out of control in the state of Victoria and South Australia amid soaring temperatures caused by a persistent heatwave, as thunderstorms threaten to spark more fires.

Residents of south-east Australia are again sweltering today, after the mercury in Melbourne rose to about 43ºC (109 degrees) on Tuesday. In Adelaide a high of 45.1ºC (113 degrees) was recorded yesterday, said a report.

“The Country Fire Authority (CFA) say more than 250 fires were started by lightening strikes overnight, and 29 were yet to be brought under control.”

  • Several temperature records were shattered in South Australia as electricity generators struggled to cope with the demand.
  • Records were also broken across Tasmania.
  • Adelaide could break the previous record of 46.1ºC  (115 degrees) set in January 1939.

Authorities have issued severe fire danger ratings across the region.

aus max temp map -bom 14-1-14
Weekly max. temperature map for Australia valid for the week ending Tuesday, January 14, 2014. Source: BOM

Hottest Year Since Records Began in 1910

Australia experienced its hottest year in 2013  since records began more than a 100 years ago, said BOM earlier this month. The continent recorded average temperatures of 1.2ºC above the long-term average of 21.8 degree Celsius, shattering the previous record set in 2005.

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