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Tennessee Declares Statewide Energy Emergency

Posted by feww on January 22, 2014


State of emergency declared in Tennessee amid dwindling propane supplies

Gov. Haslam has proclaimed a state of emergency on Tuesday to speed up shipments of propane to the Volunteer State.

Haslam has indicated in the executive order that the frigid temperatures forecast for the rest of the week would  cause increased demand and disrupted supply.

“This has been a hard winter already for many home and business owners in Tennessee,” said Haslam. “This executive order will help families, farmers and businesses get the necessary energy resources to stay warm, stay open and keep operating.”

Propane shortages are already occurring in northeastern parts of Tennessee, said Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation spokeswoman, the Tennessean reported.

“The executive order would exempt drivers in the state from federal mandates, which require drivers moving hazardous materials to drive no more than 11 hours a day with at least a 10-hour break in between shifts.”

Current – Emergency Declarations, Waivers, Exemptions & Permits

In addition to the state of Tennessee, governors in 30 other states and DC have issued similar executive orders waving the licensing requirements for out-of-state propane transporters allowing them to bring propane into their respective states because of widespread fuel shortages, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The following Emergency Declarations are currently in effect:

NOTE: The list of Emergency Declarations above may not be complete. Additional declarations may be in effect even if not listed here.

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