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First Amendment Protects Censorship by Search Engines: Manhattan Judge

Posted by feww on March 29, 2014

Search engines’ license to censor Internet, protecting vast commercial interests and political influence, makes NSA snooping look like Candy Crush

“The First Amendment protects Baidu’s right to advocate for systems of government other than democracy [in China or the U.S.] just as surely as it protects plaintiffs’ rights to advocate for democracy.”

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman sitting in Manhattan (!) has dismissed a lawsuit against Baidu, the Chinese Internet Goliath, which the plaintiff, a group of pro-democracy activists, argued suppresses political speech on China’s most widely used search engine.

The plaintiff, eight New York writers and video producers, had argued that Baidu search engine algorithms, created at the behest of Chinese government, blocks users in the United States from viewing articles, videos and other information critical of  China’s suppression of democracy.

What the judge conveniently ignores in his judgment is the monopoly power of a major search engine over the flow of information.

Add this license for Internet censorship to Google’s near monopoly over the flow of information in the U.S. and much of the world,  and multiply the result by their efforts to protect their vast commercial interests and political influence …

Google and a handful of other Internet Goliaths bend the truth like black holes do light.

[Baidu is the fifth-most trafficked site in the world with more than 500 million regular users in China and a growing following in the US, topped only by  Yahoo, Google’s YouTube, Facebook and Google, according to an Internet traffic monitor. Editor.]

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M5.1 Quake Strike Near Los Angeles

Posted by feww on March 29, 2014


Magnitude 5.1Mw earthquake strikes 1km S of La Habra, California

The quake was preceded by a magnitude 3.6Mw foreshock which occurred about an hour earlier, and was followed by at least 8 aftershocks as of posting.

Earthquake Details

: 5.1Mw
Event Time:04:09:42 UTC 2014-03-29
Location: 33.919°N 117.944°W depth=7.5km (4.6mi)
Nearby Cities

  • 1km (1mi) S of La Habra, California
  • 4km (2mi) W of Brea, California
  • 5km (3mi) NNW of Fullerton, California
  • 6km (4mi) E of La Mirada, California
  • 30km E of downtown Los Angeles

Earthquake Location Map

Calif quake 29mar14
Earthquake Location Map. Source: USGS/EHP

Details of Foreshock

M 3.6 – 1km ESE of La Habra, California
Time: 2014-03-29 03:03:39 UTC
Location: 33.923°N 117.929°W
Depth: 6.8km

Details of Aftershocks

3.1 2km NE of Brea, California 2014-03-29 05:37:14 UTC, depth= 1.1 km
2.6 2km NNW of Brea, California 2014-03-29 05:05:31 UTC, depth= 2.4 km
2.7 1km E of La Habra, California 2014-03-29 05:05:31 UTC, depth=0.7 km
2.7 2km NNW of Brea, California 2014-03-29 04:53:57 UTC, depth= 1.3 km
2.9 2km NNW of Brea, California 2014-03-29 04:47:13 UTC, depth= 5.3 km
2.7 2km N of Brea, California 2014-03-29 04:45:37 UTC, depth= 1.3 km
3.6 2km SE of La Habra, California 2014-03-29 04:30:51 UTC, depth= 0.1 km
3.4 2km ESE of La Habra, California 2014-03-29 04:11:53 UTC, depth= 0.1 km

FIRE-EARTH Earthquake Forecasts for California

Due to the reasons explained previously on this blog, FIRE-EARTH Science Team has suspended its research on California seismicity.

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