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Tornado Attacks – Day 3

Posted by feww on April 30, 2014


Up to 9 Tornadoes Touch Down in North Carolina and Illinois

Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has received at least 9 reports of tornadoes in North Carolina and Illinois.

Reports also include 3-inch hail in Lawrence, Kentucky, golf-ball size hail in Wilson County, NC, and 60MPH winds in Wayne county, Ohio.

There are also hundreds of reports of damage to buildings, with numerous trees uprooted  across MI, NC, MS, OH, KY, AL, GA, CO and FL.

Reports from Monday and Teusday

Dozens Killed in US as Tornado Attacks Continue

States of Emergency declared in Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Georgia as up to 82 tornadoes strike  southern and eastern U.S.,  leaving trails of death and destruction in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee,  Georgia, and  Kentucky.

Deadly tornadoes, baseball-sized hail, and destructive winds continue to leave trails of death and destruction across large portions of southern and eastern U.S.

As many as 50 fatalities have been reported (unconfirmed), with hundreds more injured.

Up to 127 tornado reports have been sent to Storm Prediction Center since late Sunday.

FIRE-EARTH Damage Estimate – Update

FIRE-EARTH Disaster Models estimate cost of damage caused by the storm systems at $800million, based on initial reports, as of posting. [The final estimates could be much higher.]
SPC 30apr14

Tornadoes, Wind and Hail Reports (Unfiltered) received by SPC as of 04:40UTC on April 30, 2014.

States of Emergency Declared in FIVE States

Gov. Bentley declares state of emergency for all Alabama counties

“Some of our communities have already experienced significant damage as a result of the tornadoes that began moving through Alabama earlier today, ” said Bentley in a press release.

Gov. Deal Declares a State of Emergency for Georgia

Gov. Deal declared a state of emergency Monday night in anticipation of the storms.

“At this juncture, we’ve declared the emergency for the entire state because it’s impossible to pinpoint where the weather will hit,” said Deal in a statement. “Georgia is threatened at least through (Tuesday) and perhaps into Wednesday. We’re prepared now and we’ll be ready for recovery should we, God forbid, experience tornado damage or flooding.”

Gov. Bryant Declared a State of Emergency for Mississippi

Gov. Bryant declared a state of emergency on Monday in advance of the storms that forecasters had warned could spawn tornadoes, heavy rains, damaging hail and flash floods.

“This storm system has the potential to create dangerous conditions, and we are monitoring it closely,” said Bryant. “Residents should not overreact (!)  but should make plans now to ensure they are prepared for a variety of conditions, including strong winds and rains and the possibility of hail and tornadoes.”

Gov. McCrory Declares State of Emergency for four N.C. Counties

Governor McCrory declared a state of emergency for Beaufort, Chowan, Pasquotank and Perquimans counties following the damage and destruction caused by Friday’s severe thunderstorms and devastating tornadoes. He warned of more severe weather statrting Monday.

“What I witnessed firsthand in Beaufort, Chowan and Perquimans counties is a stark reminder of how damaging tornadoes can be,” said McCrory. “My heart goes out to the hundreds of people dealing with property damage, injuries, and even the loss of life. In times like these, we must stick together and help each other out, and we will do all that we can to help communities hit by these storms.”

Gov. Fallin Declares a State of Emergency for Ottawa County

Oklahoma Gov. Fallin declared a state of emergency for Ottawa County on Monday after a tornado struck the area Sunday night killing at least one person, destroying Quapaw’s fire stations and scores of other buildings, including homes and businesses.

In its latest forecast the National Weather Service said:

Severe weather threat continues from Great Lakes to Gulf Coast and Mid-Atlantic

The NWS Storm Prediction Center is forecasting a risk of severe weather Tuesday afternoon and into [Thursday] from the Great Lakes southward to the central and eastern Gulf Coast and eastward to the Carolinas and Virginia. The greatest risk is from eastern Mississippi to central Alabama, where a Moderate Risk is in place. Several tornadoes, large hail and straight line damaging winds are likely.

scattered thunderstorms will continue from the Great Lakes region south-southwestward across the Ohio and Tennessee river valleys to the central Gulf Coast region. Storms will also continue across parts of North and South Carolina and into southern Virginia.
Finally, storms will continue gradually moving off the east coast of Florida. While some severe risk — including potential for hail and locally damaging winds — will continue from Ohio southward into Kentucky over the next couple of hours, the greater risk for severe weather including potential for a couple of tornadoes — will continue into the overnight hours across parts of southern and eastern Tennessee and northwest Georgia, and then south-southwestward across parts of Mississippi and Alabama. a few severe storms may also persist into the overnight hours over the Carolinas/southern Virginia vicinity, including the risk for hail and locally damaging winds and possibly a tornado.

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