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China City Water Supply Suspened after Pollution in Yangtze

Posted by feww on May 9, 2014


Up to a million people affected in China’s latest water pollution scare

Authorities suspend water supply in  east China’s Jingjiang City (Jiangsu Province) on Friday after “abnormal water quality” was detected in the Yangtze River, reported Xinhua.

“The city’s water company detected a strange odor in the river water around 10 a.m., said a statement posted by the city’s official account on microblogging site Sina Weibo.”

The latest episode is one of a series of water pollution incidents that has caused major concern across China.

In April, excessive levels of benzene were detected in Lanzhou city’s tap water. Lanzhou (population: ~ 4 million) is the capital city of northwest China’s Gansu Province.

Original Caption:
Residents purchase bottled drinkable water at a supermarket in Jingjiang City, east China’s Jiangsu Province, May 9, 2014. Water supply in Jingjiang City was suspended after abnormal water quality was detected in the Yangtze River water source, the city’s official microblog announced in a statement around noon Friday. (Xinhua)

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